growing the kawak~seers rites


these connections can grow over time…
…and this growing can be enhanced and strengthened if we like too…
by various ways including:

~receiving the rites again…

~gifting the rites (beautiful way to grow them)

~reinforming those pathways with our fingertips.

~at fire ceremony, dipping into the energy surrounding the fire, and bringing it to our head, and tapping those pathways out.

~taking time to feel that connection we have with the kawaks…the seers

~automatic writing – anyone familiar than that, can invite the wisdom of the seers in, ask questions and see what comes as answers from this connection.

~working with your perceiving of energy – with your intention and connection to these rites – spending time now and again to feel/see/perceive energy

the strengthening of these rites can be done often, or less often. similar to many neural pathways in the brain, you may find that the more often these are used/stimulated, the stronger these pathways (and so these senses of energy) can grow…or you may find that they are there strong with you as they are 🙂

please let me know if you find other ways to enhance, enliven and work with these



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