mythic mapping

“story is the very fabric of our lives. every life begins and ends with a story and, taken as a whole, is a story. every relationship is a story. every dream. every experience.…the world itself is a story…the world is made up of stories…
 …a myth is….in a sense, the very truest of stories, a story that reveals universal qualities of the human condition, of the world, and the deeper meaning and possibilities of our lives” (Bill Plotkin in ‘Soul Craft’)
every story, every experience in our lives,
……..can be seen at ‘soul level’, as our stories, our myths, our fairy tales of our lives

   we can be our own mythmakers
we don’t have to go along with the myths that others have created for us,
   we can be self-referencing
we can create our own maps for our lives
      we can find our new co-ordinates by which we live by
and we can create new neural pathways that relate to these new maps,
these new ways of living,
……..our consciously chosen ways of being.
this is essentially what we do, in the ‘mythic mapping’ in sessions…
..after releasing the old ‘myths’, the old stories that were in our lives that did not serve us,
mythic mapping allows us to co-create what it is we wish to take the place of that which has been released
…….and in doing so we let ourselves and the universe know,
what it is that we wish for our lives – what we wish for, and choose consciously,
with like attracting like, we can attract what we wish into our lives beautifully…
 … we set our intention…………

      as we step into our new frequency…our new map…our new chosen way of living…

and this new map can be informed by the healing piece found through working in the session….

helping anchor this healing piece in the soul, mind and body…

to help us remember this gift…the new story, the new myth, the new chosen way of being, our co-creating in our reality…

integrating the energetic work with our soul, our mind, and our body…through working at all levels in this way,
aligning the intention given at this levels for our co-creation….
from our place of healing, we can allow this work to express itself through movement…
and  in future times, just one way of moving, can bring you back to that healed place….
 like qi gong, yoga, tai chi movements can bring us to the places they take you…
a way of letting the body…the physical know… hey, this is my new map…this is what i choose to bring in more of…
a mythic map can also be made with objects representing the aspects of life that we choose to bring in to our lives,
ayni ayni and we place these into a ‘map’, a space in front of us,
naming, and arranging our choices in a way that we choose.
ayni ay then once this has done, we, if we choose to, step into the map.
aynia ayni and then we can see what that – really feels like – to step into our new map,
                      how it feels to live and breathe and move in our new map,  
ayni ayani – our new ‘myth’ ‘tale’ that we have created for ourself.
.and here in our chosen map, we notice how we feel in the body, mind and soul,
aware of how we feel, so that we can remember that feeling, again and again
..ay enabling us to integrate and anchor our energy healing into the soul, body and mind,
ayayni     and standing in this map,
aywe may notice emotional feelings,
a       we may notice physical feelings in the body,
ay         we might notice a certain taste in the mouth,
a               we might notice colours,
a               ywe might close our eyes and have pictures come to us,
a                    we might find that words, even songs come to mind and soul,
              allowing our senses to sense our being in this new map,
getting used to how it feels to be in this new map,
  with the senses giving us anchors to bring us back into the feeling of being in the new map when we recall those pictures, sounds, feelings, smells of being in the new map…
   Aand as we feel this map, we may come to embody this map in this space,
    and we may find a movement of our body,
AYNIAYa movement that assists us to anchor this feeling of being in this new map,
AYNIintegrating this healing into the body – our physical world that we move about and breathe in here…
ayni…if we did happen to slip back into our old myth,
athis movement can bring us back out of that myth,
ayn…out of our old postures that we held when moving in the old map of our old myth.
athis new movement reminding us of our new, consciously chosen myth.
iabynand we can ‘big the movement up’ – exaggerate it so our body and mind feels and notices it so strongly,
awe can make this movement small – so small that someone around us might not even notice that we’re doing it.
ayni ayinia
 …and for about 21-28 days, at least once a day or more, we repeat these movements again –
        bringing into ‘habit’ , our new chosen way of living…
aynmaybe in the morning – to start the day as we choose ‘to go on’,ayni
yn imaybe when we meditate or do breathing or movement exercises (if we do) as part of this routine,,
a    maybe in the evening, before we settle to sleep and remember the day,
.       and any time if the old story/myth looked like it was trying to muscle in again
ayni ay8inia(perhaps as someone else in our life gets used to our new co-ordinates)
at our chosen times, we can do this movement – big or small,
ayni aynia ayni ayania ayina ayinare-reminding our body of our new co-ordinates,
ayni ayin and with this movement, we can bring back to body, mind, and soul
ayni ayina aiyinaayinai ayina iyathe pictures, feelings of being in these new co-ordinates…
and there are other reminders to ourselves of this chosen map, that we can create for ourselves-
….ayni for about 21-28 days,
yni reminders that encompass the feelings of being in this chosen map,
aynithat assist us to remember of how it feels to be in this map
YNIreminders like…
aayniyniplacing objects that represent what we choose to bring into our life,
  in a space where we can look at them, perhaps hold and feel them each day,
we can remember the pictures, colours, smells and sounds…anything we felt when we were in our map…and set reminders in the physical world, to remind ourselves of these…
perhaps by  drawing or paint a picture – another visual re-reminder of these new co-ordinates,
n           iwe can write a story, a poem, an affirmation, 
aynwe can create a piece of music, perhaps a beautiful song
/sowe can use other crafts or technologies too,
        anything that can assist the anchoring into the physical world, our new map by reminding us of that feeling, how it felt to be in that healed place,
                 i as we find and know ourselves our ways
ayhni that support the bringing in and integrating of this healing,
ayniayayniaynthe re-affirming of these new ‘co-ordinates’
      and as we consciously dream the world into being
ayni ayni we become our own myth makers,
ynia yinai to live our chosen stories, based on our truth,
aynia yin ayin as we co-create in our world
aayni ayni as we ‘be the change we wish to see’ : )
ayni ayniay

9 thoughts on “mythic mapping

    • thank you Peter – it’s lovely to receive your support : ) and thank you for the learning we shared on the ‘working with the mythic’ spirit of the inca course : )

  1. Thank you Katie, so brilliantly put together. I’m printing it off to keep with my notes. Look forward to swapping sessions with you on skype. x

    • thank you chris : ) your comments mean so much to me, and thank you for making it so clear to me first : ) and this weekend i have learned even more depth and wonder of mythic mapping : )

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