serpent / snake archetype

realm associated with : the physical.

quality : non-judgement, non-suffering – ‘every thing is exactly as it seems to be’.

perception – material. things are easily tangible, literal, appearing solid, accepting the obvious. and taking observations literally.

language of : atoms, molecules, cells, chemical descriptions

a place that is : 99% Physical, 1 % Consciousness.

behaviour : simple action and reaction, no adjectives,  no criticism- just is.  non-judgement, non-attachment, non-suffering.

when the serpent opens it’s eyes and looks out , it sees what is sees,

using the senses, and instinct – noticing and responding instinctively..

medicine wheel direction associated with: south

picture : serpent by Sarah Adrienne:

the serpent can teach us how to :

~walk with grace and flexibility ‘soft-belly’ on the earth. with malleability, flexibility – walking softly on the earth with grace and beauty. 

~to shed the past, the way the serpent sheds their skin, shedding our past stories and so stepping out of drama triangles that we have been caught up inside in the past. the serpent may find a stone and use that to shed her skin, so we too can find a tool to unhook our past.

~to walk in beauty.

principle : the binding principle-  the serpent can bind itself around things, attach to things…and can let them go easily.

can assist us with :

~giving us an awareness of our physical body.

~the physical ability to connect with the world, to ensure our body has food, water, warmth, to do many useful tasks in the material world.

~the ability to noticing what is happening in your world, and what is stopping us from stepping in to our true potential.

~the non-judgement/non attachment etc helping with the ability to notice our projections.

releasing our judgements – a stone is a stone, sometimes a spade is really just a spade.

it is a place where we can : honour our journey, gifts and lessons on a physical level.

as a perceptual State : this allows us to operate in this reality, e.g. to provide food, drink  and other physical needs for ourselves to keep our bodies healthy (which in turn has beneficial affects on the ‘mental’/emotional, ‘soul’/mythic and ‘spirit’/energetic.

associated with:

the healer and healing,

with kundalini as life force,

with the staff of medicine (two snakes intertwined round a rod).

an essential life force of creation – so often also associated with sexuality and fertility.

alberto associates this is the reptilian brain – of basic instincts of survival – food, reaction

healing at this level assisted by : using body, movement, action, bodywork, massage, exercise, nutrition, healthy diet and lifestyle, alexander technique, movement. also the level where most physicians work.

other archetypes we work with include:


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