Awenydd Shaman Sessions


One to one sessions are available to assist you go deeply into your self-healing process. With myself as a guide and assistant, we can work to look deep within the inner and universal pysche… to find root causes of patterns, core beliefs, repeated health/relationship/life situations and transform them, if you wish to. From this we can step into a new map, new co-ordinates in our lives – a consciously co-created way of being of your choosing.

These sessions are available worldwide through skype, facebook messenger, whatsapp and phone call. They are also available face to face at various events and workplaces, particularly in North Wales and the rest of the UK but also other parts of the world as I travel and share the work.


Please feel free to ask me any questions, and to come have a session, particularly if you feel that inner call.

If you feel like you have ‘tried everything’, like I did at one point, please, if you feel try some sessions of this work from myself and/or my students. The experience of my health which was supposedly incurable leaving me bedbound with neurological damage, nerve pain and bouts of temporary paralysis to where am to today is just one small testament to following your instincts if you feel call to try this work. For every wound, it would be appear there is a gift. If my experience and the experience of those I’ve worked with is anything to go by, there are many gifts for you to find on your way.

I do offer this work on a gift from the heart – a donation basis. This is for several reasons. These include
1. I do not wish others to experience the amount of pain for the length I did before I found this work. There are many people suffering for so many reasons that do not need to be and experience would suggest that this work can potentially find inside them, their answers of self-healing and self-transformation.
2. I recognise the importance of all of us doing our personal work and the benefits that doing our personal work can ripple out from this into the world (imagine if all of us self-actualised – became even more our healed empowered selves – what a world that will be).
3. I value this work. The benefits are beyond financial value to me, I cannot put a price on the changes I have experienced – for myself and others.

While living in the current economic climate, and presuming not all of us are millionaires (I would have paid that much if I had it to get my health back(!) ), I will give a suggested donation to be what you would pay for others as experienced in this field. For those new to this and not aware of these prices, they do vary, from £60-75 or more for an approx 90 minute session. For me, this is more than worth it. I have paid this myself with some of my teachers for example. It is up to you however, what you offer, according to what you can afford,what this is worth to you and what you contribute voluntary-wise to the community can also play a factor. I’ll offer the work this way for as long as I feel that I can.

Warm wishes,



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