hampe sessions (energy work sessions) are usually working one to one with individuals, with a practictioner such as myself as an assistant/guide, working together to assist releasing, self-healing, self-learning and self-empowering.
each individual chooses which patterns, energies they wish to work on and release in that session and each session is tailored to each individual and each session.

so while sessions can vary, most or all generally include:

~ illuminations – these assist us clear blocking energies from our energy field that doesn’t belong there, and also works to clear the affininty that attracted those blocking energies in the first place. then, where energy has been releases, bringing in light free flowing energy.

~ decoupling exercise….disengaging fight or flight, to assist the relaxation and re-balancing of the body and energetic system.

~  mythic mapping – anchoring and integrating the healing work to the body, creating a new ‘map’ of that which we choose to bring in.

other processes that may also be brought in vary, but can include one or more of the following.

~ compacted energy releasing ~ clearing blocking energies that are more dense
~ fluid energy releasing
~ releasing energies that are more ‘fluid’.
~ life essence retrieval ~ finding and bringing parts of ourselves that have been hidden in our subconscious, back into our conscious whole

these are then accompanied by illuminations to clear the affinity, the ‘imprint’ that attracted these energies and situations to occur.

some of the other techniques can be found elsewhere on the site….and can include working together to release old stories from this life and (what experience suggests to be) ‘past lives’, releasing generational patterns, increasing self-awareness and self-discovery, reintegrating and rediscovering more parts of our potential and more…

  sessions are normally around 1-2 hours, but can vary. likewise, the amount of sessions worked with vary too.

  working with myself, there are a few options where to do this:

~  anywhere in the world with an internet connection via skype, phone or facebook video chat. i live in cymru but have worked with individuals in germany and canada for example.
~ in wresam face to face.
~ at festivals and events in various places face to face.
~ at places i travel / am asked to travel to, such as retreat centres, sustainable projects, ecovillages…

~ as well as the energy work, at face to face places, i also work with massage, these include:
energy massage
tui na massage
swedish massage
manual lymphatic drainage massage

examples of the kinds of conditions this work is used with are here: examples
references~feedback of experiences of working in sessions and workshops are here : feedback


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