Awenydd Sessions



One to one sessions are available to assist you access the awen – that inner, nature and universal wisdom that we all have the potential to access. This access, especially with guidance and support can assist self-healing, self empowerment and self-actualisation. Those myths and legends where heroes find their inner power, inner gifts which they can share with the world? It appears that is still happening now – with us. They are more than just tales. I have seen this – every day that I work with these sessions as I witness individuals find and share these gifts of inner wisdom, inner realisation and empower.

In one to one sessions, a practitioner can assist you go deeply into your self-healing and self-learning process with a range of tools and techniques to assist you safely learn from the awen and from yourselves. To release what is ready to be released – and bring in even more your empower.

Each session is tailored to you and where you are at this time with what you are working with. The amount of work is deep as it is wide, it works with our abilities to self-heal and self-empower with great assistance with a range of practices to do this. It is you doing the work, the practitioner opens and holds the space to assist you do so. They hold the space with integrity, authenticity and experience; with free from judgement (they are trained not to judge you or those around you), free from suffering (it is not a ‘poor you’ when you share what you have experiencing, it is an awareness that this was part of your journey so far, and that you have it within you to change this), and free from attachment (you let it go, we let it go – like confidentiality yet more so – as we let it go too). With this holding, this can assist you go deeper than ever before maybe. And find what is deep within calling to be seen, that healing piece, that learning, that capacity and ability for transformation, self-evolution and change.

The following are some examples of that which we may work with over time:

Working together to find root causes of life patterns, core beliefs, repeated health/relationship/life situations. To find them, to learn from them and allow them to transform into your gifts of empowerment.

Releasing dense energy that has impacted your energy field. Those phrases ‘stabbed in the back’, ‘giving me daggers’ – seem to be more than just phrases and an form dense impacted energy in the energy field that can be released together – releasing the imprints too that attracted that and allowed that to impact us.

Disengaging energies (including what some term entities) that have become entangled in the energy field and clearing the imprint-affinity that attracted them and allowed them to become entangled. This can also include ties or some describe them as ‘cords’ that have unhealthy binds to other people or past events that you are ready to release. In working with this as part of a full process, we tend to also work with the imprint that attracted this energy to become entangled in this way.

Past-life release. It does appear, from experience, that we may well be infinite beings passing through infinity with many past life experiences – whether that is through our DNA or through the energy body that has passed through much DNA strands in it’s time. This work can release us from past contracts, beliefs, traumas that occurred even before our birth here. We can work to release what is termed ‘karmic’ and ancestral patterns, including generational patterns that have been passed down through our families that are ready to be healed within you now – so that they need not affect you now – nor be passed on to future generations.

Life essence ~ Soul Part retrieval. Finding parts of yourself that may have fled due to trauma or other experience, to a place of safety deep in the pysche – that are ready to return as part of your reintegrated whole – to be part of your full potential.

Insight retrieval. Some sessions may simply to be to ask questions that you wish to receive answers to and receive insights, perspectives, wisdom about a situation.

House Clearing. Energies and entities appear to sometimes caught up and stuck in our homes as well as our energy fields. Some sessions may be to release energies in your home, and clear the imprints and affinity that attracted you to living in a home with these energies.

The practical framework of a session to clear imprints that attracted any of the above can be found here ‘Process of Illumination’ . Any more questions, please feel free to ask.

Beautifully, as we are working so deeply with the psyche, and the psyche’s affects on us physiologically, psychologically, at a soul level and as an energy body, we can work together by audiocalls. Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and Signal are all available for you to work with me on.

In person is also possible at a great number of events and places that I work from. From a clinic in Wrexham, to a tent at Glastonbury or Boom Festival or Shambala. Mind Body Spirit fairs, community events in places such as Gwrych Castle, community spaces and health food stores in the UK – even in your own home when I am in the area.

So how much is it, you may be asking. To assist enable as many as possible that wish to do their work, to free and empower themselves, I prefer to work with a pay as you feel – gift economy type of working. This can include skillshare. This is to be agreed before a session so that we both feel comfortable and in ayni – balance relationship.

A guide price for these sessions of around 90 minutes would be £60-120 or more per session in line with others in the field of practice and experience that I work with.

Again, particularly if on a low income, but anyway – please do not allow finances to be a barrier to you stepping up to be your even more empowered, self actualised, self-realised you. If you feel that this way of working could be beneficial for you with finances to be a barrier, please talk to me and we can see what we can work out.

Thank you so much to everyone with low incomes and high incomes that do gift the going guideline rates that allows me to continue to sharing this work and facilitating self-healing and self empowerment in this way. You only have an inkling of how much I appreciate this. And to those that give so much quality skillshare in ayni – balance gifting too. Like this work to me, so valuable that this beyond price.

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