Awenydd Shaman Sessions


One to one sessions are available to assist you access the awen – that inner, nature and universal wisdom that we all have the potential to access.

In one to one sessions, a practitioner can assist you go deeply into your self-healing and self-learning process with a range of tools and techniques to assist you safely learn from the awen.

Tailored to the individual, you may choose to work together to find root causes of patterns, core beliefs, repeated health/relationship/life situations – to learn from this, to find and keep the gifts of these and let the old story that no longer serves you go.

Other sessions may involve disengaging energies that have become entangled in your field and clearing the imprint-affinity that attracted them.

Others may be finding together parts of yourself hidden deep in the pysche, ready to return to be part of your full potential.

Other sessions may involve clearing ancestral patterns, patterns that have occurred from before this lifetime even.

Some sessions may simply to be to ask questions that you wish to receive answers to and receive insights from yourself, from plants, nature or other sources of wisdom and experience.

Some sessions may be to release energies in your home, and clear the imprints and affinity that attracted you to living in a home with these energies.

Some sessions… well you have an idea now – you can come find out more yourself.

Beautifully, as we are working so deeply with the psyche, and the psyche’s affects on us physiologically, psychologically, at a soul level and energetically, we can work together by audiocalls. So you can be in the area that I am based in North Cymru or around the places I travel to offer work – or you can be anywhere in the world with a wifi connection. Skype, Messenger and Whatsapp, even phone call are all available to you.

This work is offered on a pay as you feel basis in appreciation to anyone who is willing to step up and do their personal work in this way – for themselves and for the beneficial affect that this can have on the world around them. Suggested donations would be what you would pay for other highly trained and experienced practitioners – £60 or more for one session (around 90 minutes of our time).



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