skillshare :)


I really like skillshare. Definitely fits in with my aims to provide affordable holistic health work for anyone that would like it.

For those that would like to offer skillshare for energy work, massage, workshops etc…the kinds of things I particularly have use of assistance with include:

Decorating – Painting my house at the moment….definitely could do with assistance

Gardening – Extra assistance with planting, weeding etc would be great.

Business Management/promoting – can’t say its my forte, I like to just get on and do it, so assistance would be great.

Workshop/Event Organising ~ i love sharing the work, not so keen on organising place and people to do it, i prefer to just turn up and do it.

Household stuff (I’m really not amazing at cleaning and tidying, I do my best, but lets just say i could really do with a hand with these 😉 (or paying for someone else to do this)

Putting together me app/ebook…..started doing this but not finished…

Working with me on making leaflets…i suppose i ought to make some 😉


Proof-reading… I’ve got dyslexia….so writing articles, and writing stuff for the website, book and officialdom etc…well….i could do with a hand checking….

Music lessons – for me and/or my son Calon, depending… both interested in learning more

Woodcraft lessons – for calon mainly (though i’m interested too)

Science, Art, Outdoor activites and other lessons/activies for Calon, he’s got so many interests, bit hard for me to keep up….

Also skillshare where do things for others e.g. plant incredible edible food, do a music workshop for mountain music etc….

Letting other people know about the work thats available to them in sessions/workshops…not so hot on doing that meself 😉 happy to share it but… x

Lifts… often handy if we’re going the same places 🙂

Massages, other self-healing stuff and the like are lovely.

Paying for me or calon to do something cool, like going to the theatre….

Gift of fresh organic fruit and veg….lovely.

Erm….anything else you can think of/would like to offer, it is worth asking…..i’m sure theres more than that… i’ve accepted a fair few treats along the way 🙂 xx


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