Equinox Ceremony – Balancing the releasing and receiving

Equinox Ceremony Recipe Framework

Opening Sacred Space.

Creating a framework with sticks, a circle with a line of sticks through the middle. Like the earth in the balance between two solstices.

Blowing into nature objects, informing them with our breath and intention and placing them in the circle on the earth.
In one half of the circle (in the direction of the setting sun), putting in anything to release, and that had been released in recent months, honouring these.
In the other half (in the direction of the rising sun) putting in wishes for the next part of the cycle towards solstice, and also the gifts that we had received with all that we had released.
So on one side, keeping the gifts, and the other side, letting the stories go of how we found this gifts.

Then meditating,  looking at what has been co-created from different perspectives. The literal, the senses, the symbolic..,

Walking anticlockwise around the circle a few times, meditating on the release of the old, allowing it to go.
Coming into stillness, then picking up those nature materials in the setting sun side of the circle and giving them into the flowing water of a stream (can also give to other water, fire, earth or air) .

Walking clockwise, into those wishes and gifts, feeling us walking into these, walking these. Noticing what words and feelings come.
Coming into stillness, bringing this to a journey statement, an affirmation from experience within. For example ‘I am…. and I feel’.

Then releasing the rest of the circle and the framework to the water so they too can flow.

Coming back together to the ‘I am….and I feel’ statements that came. Feeling that feeling. If in a group, each can speak in turn and the others mirror these statements to eachother.

Thanking sacred space.

In appreciation for the #land in #Bersham #Cymru who shared with me this.
This ceremony can be done anytime, lovely to do at the equinox where the earth too is finding that balance.


Picture: Some of the equinox blessings from Equinox Ceremony, Bersham, Cymru 2018.