Equinox Ceremony – Balancing the releasing and receiving

Equinox Ceremony Recipe Framework

Opening Sacred Space.

Creating a framework with sticks, a circle with a line of sticks through the middle. Like the earth in the balance between two solstices.

Blowing into nature objects, informing them with our breath and intention and placing them in the circle on the earth.
In one half of the circle (in the direction of the setting sun), putting in anything to release, and that had been released in recent months, honouring these.
In the other half (in the direction of the rising sun) putting in wishes for the next part of the cycle towards solstice, and also the gifts that we had received with all that we had released.
So on one side, keeping the gifts, and the other side, letting the stories go of how we found this gifts.

Then meditating,  looking at what has been co-created from different perspectives. The literal, the senses, the symbolic..,

Walking anticlockwise around the circle a few times, meditating on the release of the old, allowing it to go.
Coming into stillness, then picking up those nature materials in the setting sun side of the circle and giving them into the flowing water of a stream (can also give to other water, fire, earth or air) .

Walking clockwise, into those wishes and gifts, feeling us walking into these, walking these. Noticing what words and feelings come.
Coming into stillness, bringing this to a journey statement, an affirmation from experience within. For example ‘I am…. and I feel’.

Then releasing the rest of the circle and the framework to the water so they too can flow.

Coming back together to the ‘I am….and I feel’ statements that came. Feeling that feeling. If in a group, each can speak in turn and the others mirror these statements to eachother.

Thanking sacred space.

In appreciation for the #land in #Bersham #Cymru who shared with me this.
This ceremony can be done anytime, lovely to do at the equinox where the earth too is finding that balance.


Picture: Some of the equinox blessings from Equinox Ceremony, Bersham, Cymru 2018.

the day i was ‘death’ for a bit ;)


the circumstances of the day i embodied death was this….

….we were at the working with the sacred training, and we were working with the archetypes found on the tarot…. as part of this work, we were stepping into the archetypes roles…. embodying them….

what we embodied, depended on a particular exercise, working with the pictures on the archetypal tarot cards and triggers and symbols of our journeys and archetypes……and we worked in groups, embodying archetypes that came up in that exercise to assist others with their healing journey…. (and amazingly somehow gaining great insight and i think healing too from this)

i remember someone saying ‘we need someone to be death’
and i felt a lot of resistance….
and it was that kind of resistance that told me, that perhaps i ought to volunteer…
and also i was inquisitive…
….so i volunteered 😉

i got to say it was not what i expected…

…actually it was quite awesome…

and it gave me a new understanding….
…one that i’ve found elsewhere too…. like on the card shown above….
(which is why i purchased these cards, as this was exactly what is was like when i embodied it a second time 😉

(yes i embodied and stepped into the role a second time….later that day….for the whole group as we were invited to step up in front of everyone else on the training, and step into and embody an archetype of our choosing….i had found the experience so eye opening, i chose that archetype)

…so inspired my experience and new to me understanding, i stepped again into ‘death’,
and though i can’t really remember the first time i did it so well (it was anothers healing journey, not mine to remember i guess….) …all i remember it was similar to the first somehow…
….the second time i do remember is what i experienced….

….that what we may perceive or call ‘death’
is but an illusion….
that we do not ‘die’ as such as many perceive it now…
but instead transition to other places…
…and ‘death’ the archetype…is but a guide to assist the transition to the other worlds….

and as embodying ‘death’, i admitted, it was a bit sad that some people got me wrong,
called my name in vain, made out to be my enemy or something to be feared…
…when i was but a guide to their new worlds…
….truly, the beauty, the gift, of being there when those transitioned, transition…
to guide them, be there for them…and moreover…to show them, that ‘beyond the veil’ (so to speak), beyond this world….there is so much more….
(and i remember indicating this….i even motioned similar with my hands to the picture on the card….it was like lifting a curtain to the realms of possibilities of so many worlds, universes, dimensions, realities (i still remember being amazed to see this card that portrayed it so closely as such )
….is quite amazing really….and the wonder and the amazement and the joy of those that transition who see that all is well, and all the amazing possibilities there are is quite beautiful to behold..
..as it the joy when they see…that what we see in the physical earth world is but a small tiny minuscule part of all that is…
..that what(/who?) they may have felt was lost is not truly lost…but still there…somewhere….
…and however wonderful our earth-world is…. there is so much more wonder to be found too….

and the opening the curtain to see the freedom of time and space being open too….
so that even those we left moments ago could potentially be there too in their past and/or future too…..

such a gift to be ‘death’, this guide, from one world to the nexts…..

‘a burden’ observed some who watched and commented…. a burden of the sadness caused to those ‘left behind’

….but still the joy in the discovering of infinities….that there is no need to be sad,
as life goes on….and on…..and on…..and on…..
so many dimensions and realities to explore and create….

and the peace and happiness that can come with that too…

…this fits too with my experience(s) of what i could only call at the time as ‘seeing beyond time’…
….seeing the infinities of realities and how time does not exist in the same way in all of them as it does here….
….stepping into infinity…as they call it on the training….
and fits with

the times i died for a bit….

the what was felt in ‘n.d.e’s i had….both times i felt so much love and joy and warmth and felt wonderful there and that life is carrying on and on…..

it felt so wonderful that the first time i didn’t want to come back…i was forced back…totally forgot even my loved ones on earth…i was up for staying in this lovely feeling…beautiful place….

the second time, i was more aware of what was happening, i recognised it. people tried but couldn’t get me to come back. instead, after enjoying it a bit…. i realised what was happening…. and i chose to come back myself.
as i chose to spend time here in this reality first…..
consciously choosing to come back… as well….felt might as well while we’re here do something, enjoy it…make something of it…..theres plenty of time for the other realities in infinities…..

and it fits with the experiences in the training

where we journey to the worlds beyond this one…and back…

.in the transition rites…
…where we were able to transition and come back with careful techniques and holding of space…
…like stepping from this world to the next…
to infinite possibilities and other realities…
feeling so much love and so free…

and when holding the space and rites for someone else…
looking out for them…
i saw them in this beautiful place…
and when they returned….
….the place i saw and they saw/felt
sounded so much the same….
…so individual to them…

and it fits with a time when i was embodying a person for someone else,
tapping into the energy of one of their parents who had passed on so many years ago…stepping in…and letting that energy inform me….
and coming to see them all excited and happy,
with the joy of the wisdom of realising and experiencing infinities and timelessness infinities….
to suddenly be brought ‘down to earth’ with the sadness of the child, who does not remember this freedom of times and spaces so well….

and it fits with the description of those who tell they have felt loved ones who have moved on presence, and communicating the peace and joy and experience of the timeless infinities as felt and described….

and it fits with the guy with the nde song that makes me smile so much…that i can’t find again so easily….

and with the rnde’s experiences of others too…
so much so that the theory of it all being ‘just a dmt trip’, just doesn’t quite fit the mustard….

and it fits with the work i do with assisting energies transition to the places of timeless infinities of realities and dimensions and more….

fits in with the journeys that have allowed me to go in and experience that time beyond deaths entrance

fits in too with journeying back to previous mes it holding space for others as they do, where we listen to the learning of the lifetime, hear their wishes for the next and be with them as they pass on

fits in too with the connecting with the ancestors where we hear their learnings and wishes for future generations, letting them go, their gifts rippling out

and fits with other experiences too…. so many…

so i guess….there is at least a possibility of these being true…..
and while i’m not saying all i experienced is definitely true…
…there is
more experiential evidence of them being true than not as it happens 😉

that’s not to say, i’m not sad when those i have loved move on….
….but it is sadness with some inner comfort that
….from experience…
…that likely, so much likely, there is more to life than this life…its a sadness i feel, the pain i feel..
..then let go….til i feel it another time….

…and its a sadness that i know is that i wish i could have seen and experienced them more physically in this reality….with a letting go and accepting what is….

…and a likelihood that we may see eachother again sometime anyway…
. tho it may be so many years in the future…. even if it were a hundred, years, that is but a blink of an eye compared to infinity….
and so can see them again then soon enough, tho may it be many years into the future…. might as well enjoy our time here while we’re here… and work together to co-create much to enjoy here 😉

…and each moment is like a little ‘death’ (transition) and rebirth…
…from one moment to the next…
…except we may be more aware of the continuing transition…
stepping into anew and anew…

sometimes when i am called, when i have the thoughts of ‘death’, I feel this mini transitioning, the big transitioning even from one moment, one part of life, one way of being, to the next. each moment a new moment that i am alive again here now. each moment an opportunity for the new. here. now. plenty of time for infinites later. and with the skills found in this life especially i so likely will enjoy. enjoying where i can this life here now. accepting what i experience, and co-creating in joy where i can, doing my personal work where i can, assisting others where i can

course, was lovely to step out of all that embodying and experiencing again too,
however a gift it is….
stepping back to ‘normal’ life…

with a friend who one day may be our guide in our transitioning

with a deep appreciation of the miracles (to me) of life here now