munay haywarikuy :) (happy munay day)


this haywarikuy is created for days dedicated to love like valentines day and st. dwynwens day… especially as valentines day is on a full moon this year…. though can be worked with any day….working with the idea of these days to being as reminders to honour munay…that universal love…. for our friends and family, for the world…and ourselves too….
(there is more about the meaning of munay here: munay)

 following a layout of haywarikuy (some words on this here: haywarikuy), this time working with the (permeable) framework of annwfn ~ inner world, outer ‘middle’ world ~ kay pacha and ‘upper’ world ~ hanaq pacha.
 this is written as an individual haywarikuy…. making our own parcel to ourselves as well as the earth…to cultivate the munay inner love within ourselves….and appreciate ourselves and our relationship with the world around us
…and it can easily be adapted to be done as a couple….or group too…voicing and appreciated the love between and within and without as a couple or group for each other 🙂

beginning with opening sacred spacethen you might like to start with a connecting with life force energies exercise…to remind us of what it is that we are..and are part of and/or a stillness meditation…feeling that connection to yourself…and to your inner sage….

~leaves, petals, seeds, grains…compostable materials, fruit juices even…that can represent aspects of munay shared here….
~piece of paper….folded into 9 squares…


opening out the paper, ready to lay the ingredients on….
beginning with a layer of k’intus…blowing into them your intention for the haywarikuy….to give thanks and wishes of munay….to give appreciation for the gift of life and love within us and around us…  and placing them on the paper….

also here we can blow in general love and appreciation for…for self, others, the worlds around us…

then focusing on the inner world…. blow it a leaf, petal or similar ingredient something you love about your ‘inner world’…about yourself….
 this could be something you appreciate and have love for within yourself….maybe beautiful thoughts you find yourselves thinking sometimes…it may be the heart felt skills that come from within…. the work that you do for yourself… and do this as many times as you like with different leaves/petals/natural materials and appreciations…
you may wish to blow in here too your wishes and plans of how to nurture and grow your inner self…to cultivate that munay within and for yourself….

when you’re ready,  , focusing this time with the munay, appreciation and wishes for that is within the kaypacha…the middle world…the world that we live in in this physical reality…blowing into leaves, petals, seeds and similar, love and appreciation for what it is you bring to your world around you that benefits the world around you…others and yourself…you can use the words of others to assist you…lovely things that others have said about you…
and you can blow in here too….the things you love about living in the kaypacha….the middle world…. you may wish to blow in the munay-love you have for the earth….and for others in your world…in your community….in your life….all the wonderful things about this world….the people…the nature….the inspirations and projects around that you feel munay for….whether it is stories from your lives or those you hear of others… what it is you feel brings love, and connects to well to love…
and you may wish to blow in here too your wishes and plans cultivating more feelings of munay in the kaypacha… our physical world here….

then, when you feel ready, you can work with the hanaqpacha….the upper world…the world beyond the one we see…connected even more with infinity an our closeness with our divinity… this time blowing into the natural materials your love and appreciation of who you are becoming…. and of our inspiration and imagination, visualisation and energy that comes from here that assists us shape this world…when we bring ideas into fruitions….
you might like to blow in the love and appreciation of experiences you may have had with this world if you’ve had them….  you might like to blow in your munay and love and appreciation for ‘source’, creating energy, connecting, flowing and ‘awen’ energy that so many people have so many different names for… that is also part of who we are …..
and you may wish to blow in here too your appreciation and wishes in relation to this world…

then if you choose, you can sing, play a drum with this  haywarikuy bringing in these energies through sound as well as breath….

and you can take a moment to look at the haywarikuy you have made….feel its energy… notice anything there is to notice….

then when you are ready, if you wish then you can wrap up this haywarikuy in the paper… making a parcel.

if in a group, you can put the parcels together…

and you can, in pairs assist the other by infusing our energy fields with these appreciations and honourings…and of the love of self and of the world around us, bringing the haywarikuy from the crown to the feet, front, and back…. clearing….and infusing….
you can also do this to yourself down each side of your body.

then, when ready you can give this haywarikuy to water…. to  earth or to fire…. it is a lovely one to give to water i feel this is….as we find our flow…. and feel our connection to the ‘awen’…. the energy where creating energy flows….

with munay x