Munay haywarikuy


This haywarikuy is created for days dedicated to love like Valentines day and St. dwynwens day. Or any day you wish to celebrate the aspect of love.
This was created on a Valentines day that was on a full moon this year.  Working with the idea of these days to being as reminders to honour love, to honour munay – that universal love – for our friends and family, for the world and ourselves too

Following a layout of haywarikuy.  This time working with the (permeable) framework of annwfn (inner world – subconscious), kaypacha (middle world – conscious),  hanaq pacha  (upper world – supraconscious).
This is written as an individual haywarikuy…. making our own gift parcel to ourselves as well as the earth – to cultivate the munay inner love within ourselves and appreciate ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. It can easily be adapted to be done as a couple, or group.  

Beginning with opening sacred space and a grounding exercise to connect with the earth (audiobook soon available) or a stillness meditation (ditto).


~Leaves, petals, seeds, grains, any compostable materials, fruit juices even that can represent aspects of munay shared here.
~Piece of paper folded into 3 lengthways and widthways (9 squares), or 4.


Opening out the paper, ready to lay the ingredients on
Beginning with a layer of k’intus (three leaves together), blow in intention of the gift. (to give thanks and wishes of munay, to give appreciation for the gift of life and love within us and around us). Then place them on the paper.

Then comes, the layers, using these natural materials, blow into them – inform them with our appreciation and wishes. You can use the following format for this if you wish:

A layer of general love and appreciation for self, others, the worlds around us.

A layer focusing on the inner world, what you love that nourishes your subconscious, something you love about your subconscious. You may wish to blow in here too your wishes and plans of how to nurture and grow your inner self, wishes and ways to cultivate that munay in this innerworld.

Then a layer focusing on the middle world, what you love that nourishes your everyday life, you conscious, something you love about this. You may wish to blow in here too your wishes and plans of how to nurture and cultivate that munay in our everyday world.

Then a layer focusing on the upper world, what you love that nourishes your supraconsious, some people call this ‘higher self’, or that place outside time and space where  we can feel how we are one. And blow in here too your wishes and plans of how to nurture and cultivate that munay here.

A layer too perhaps for the munay of the source, creating energy that unites and ignites us all, whatever name you use for this. 

As well as natural materials, you can also sing, play drums, rattles what ever you feel, informing this haywarikuy bringing in these energies through sound as well as breath.

When you feel this is complete, you can take a moment to look at the haywarikuy you have made. Are there any pictures, symbols you can see that you have unconsciously made. What does it feel like? What is there to notice here?

Then when you are ready, you have two choices:
If you wish then you can wrap up this haywarikuy in the paper, making a parcel. And bring the parcel over the body, from the crown to the feet, left side and right side, front and back, infusing your energy field, yourself, your pysche with this energy.
You can stand, and with intention, step in to this energy, taking one step forwards towards it.

Feeling how that feels. Are there words, images, sensations? What are the words that come. This can be particularly strong when stepping into it’s energy.

When ready you can give this haywarikuy to water, earth, fire or even air. If it is a compostable material you wrapped it in, you can give the whole parcel, otherwise (or anyway) you can empty the contents to the water, earth, fire or air. Allow them to flow. This is a lovely one to give to water i feel this is, as we find our flow – and feel our connection to the ‘awen’, the flowing body of experience and wisdom that we all can access – and add to.

With munay ❤