i know this time measurement is a human made construct, and one that varies between some countries, but it is what we make it, and so many individuals are choosing to envision at this time so chose to mediate and journey myself too….

this is from when i meditated at the beginning of the new zealand day of 12.12.12…..envisioning the ‘rainbow bridge’ around the world and to the future…. these are the words that came :

the time for war is over….the time for peace is now… peace is coming anyhow and you can help bring it into now… with love, with munay, with caru, with amo, with amour, with…..

it’s about asking the questions that will lead to self knowing self learning and so much change

let out the old

bring in the new


bring into your lives peace and love and let it multiply

let the answers be there for those that only need to ask them, to receive the answer

questions like

how can i be well?

how can i be healed?

what shall i do?

where shall i go?

how can i find peace?

how can i learn?

how can i love again?

how can i receive love again?

how can i make decisions?

how can there be peace in the world

how can i achieve happiness?

be yourself and be the love that is yourself and live your life the way you choose yourself x


so many answers inside ourselves

and within our reach…..

may i receive healing?

and it is there

may i be healed?…and it is there, the answers are there

be with peace

believe in peace

breathe in peace

be with love

breathe with love

talk with love

walk with love

listen with love

where and when you can

slowly slowly, we are finding peace, and the numbers of us finding peace are speeding up…in number….and in rate of finding it….

may this peace spread all over…to all those that wish it,

and to all those that are yet to wish it, may it be within their grasp,

so that all they need to do, when they wish for it….is to reach out for it, and it will be there…

it is here

in every heart and mind, and energy space…

ready to be revealed, rebalanced, reloved, reintegrated, to flow….

a rainbow bridge, above the world, over the world connecting… and also to the future….the healed future where there is true peace…. a bridge that we may walk upon if we choose, to assist the bringing of this healed future into the now x


i also did a journey/mediation/envisioning at 12.12.12 at 12.12 cymru time… and found something that was blocking somewhat my connection to ‘source’ (or whatever you would like to call this….)  i don’t really want to name what was blocking it, so as not to focus on it and give it more weight…. but its interesting the shape and form it took, i worked to release it….i think i did for a while at least…at least to start the process of releasing it….and i felt more connected to the ‘source’….  may it be gone from me for good….melted away and drained away ready to be recycled again for something more beneficial for the earth…..
may i find anything else (if anything) that may cause disconnection and release and clear that, assisting me re-balance, and feel connection….
i also ‘saw’ my healed self, and our healed selves…may these come soon….with ease and grace x