The Process of Illumination

To give you an idea of the practicalities of the framework of a one to one session (the weaving within the framework varies widely according to the individual and the individual session), the basic process is as follows

~ ‘Opening Sacred Space
Sometimes this is done before you arrive, sometimes with you – the timing is flexible. This opening sacred space is always done, so that we have an area of focus and alignment to universal qualities where we can go deeply within, safely.

~ Opening the ‘virracocha’. The practitioner opens their virracocha/energy field over themselves, and then over you. This is a kind of personal sacred space to me, holding you safely so that you can deeply go within, feeling how you are held. I find this also gives a  deeper connection with you, to be together with you where you are on this journey/session. To be together with you on your journey can increase our ability to be your guide/assistant in this journey.

~Consultation/Bringing up what we are work with so that we can begin to release this.
Sitting side by side (in person or virtually when by audiocall), there is a small sharing of what is being worked with. This is he beginning of the bringing the issue to the surface, so that the individual can clear this.  We begin to release it in this intake session, by blowing it into a kuya – a stone that has been worked with round the medicine wheel and can be a focal point for releasing that which we wish to release. And from the stone, it goes to earth – the great transformer – that can transform what to us is food waste, into beautiful compost – nourishment for the earth. And this is the main focus really, bringing it out of our personal pysche, out of our energy field – to the earth, so what we have taken on that does not belong to us, what we have held on to that is ready to be released, can be release to earth.
Through this we also track back, and often track within to come to a/the root of what we are working with.

~ Tracking the energy centres.
It is said that what attracts certain things into our lives are imprints – like computer programming – attracting certain patterns, experiences, events, stories into our lives. These imprints are thought to be connected to the energy centres (also known as chakras) – that seem to provide a gateway into our pysche and what is stored there.
With you laying down, dipping in a pendulum to the area of the energy centre, muscle testing or similar, the practitioner finds which is the first energy centre is ‘backwashing’ (spinning anti-clockwise), indicating releasing from this area. The kuya is put on this centre and this becomes the focal point for the next parts.

~Holding the deepening points
The practictioner then comes round to sit behind the person laying down and holds the ‘deepening points’ in the head; two points underneath the occuiptal ridge on the back of the head that the hands do tend to go to when holding someone’s head. In this way we hold you in sacred space (as in the first step), in our personal sacred space (the virrococha) and with our hands – holding your head to assist you go deep within. We hold you in another way too – with our breath – that we match with yours – to assist again our connection to you on this journey – to be where you are – and also so you can feel and hear that we are with you.

~The breathing
And the breath – becomes the transporter of releasing that which we wish to release. As we breathe in what we are experiencing, feeling, any images, memories, sensations that come up, breathing that breath up through the nose – then breathe these through the mouth out to the stone – and again from the stone to the earth. As we do so clearing what we have held on to that is beneficial to release and clearing the imprint that attracted it; allowing the coming in of what can come in it’s place, rewriting the imprint with pure potential energy and/or rewriting with a gift, an ability, a learning, an insight, an access to inner wisdom, a self-empowerment that can assist us in our greater life journeys.

~Bringing this to the physical. 
From working at the source of the stream, we work to increasingly bring this to the physical world. This can include:
Decoupling exercise: A small guided visualisation that connects the energetic/pysche and the mind to the physical body, grounding and centering.
Mythic map: Bringing the gifts into a physical space, often with physical objects to represent these gifts. Physically stepping in, and gaining a physical awareness of how it feels to be in this space – this self-healing piece that we are bringing into our lives. This can include images, words, movement – all that can remind us of what we are bringing it – watering this seed that has been planted by this experience – so that it can gradually (or fairly quickly!) grow in our lives.
Writing, drawing, creating a song, a painting – any of this to assist us remember the gifts, insights, learning, self-empowerment, healing pieces can also help this grow in our worlds.

Thanking sacred space.
Simply giving gratitude for those universal archetypal qualities and abilities that have held us in sacred space and assist us do the work to find our gifts and insights through experience – through that access to the awen – that inner and universal wisdom that we all have the potential to access and learn from.

And it will be wonderful for me to be part of your learning from the inner wisdom that you have, if you choose to work with me. Any questions, please ask.


2 thoughts on “The Process of Illumination

    • I worked with this work on my university assignments and it really assisted me have clarity and connection and complete the work and do well. Maybe it could assist you. Some of the exercises on this page and on the podcast that I will be releasing too could also assist potentially. Feel free to pm me to ask me any questions etc.

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