the process of illumination :)

227945_464292613615871_338707365_nto give you an idea of what to expect during an illumination process… (which can vary as these are tailored to the individual and the individual session even)…. the general process is as follows….

~ together we ‘open sacred space
this is so practitioner and individual are held in sacred space in which to work (more information is on the link)

~ then the practitioner  opens their ‘virracocha’. this is also a kind of sacred space. this one the practitioner is holding the individual in their energy field, providing again, a safe space, and a connection with eachother.

~ then, sitting side by side (in person or virtually when by skype), there is a small (usually) sharing of the challenge/issue/situation/patterns/feelings etc being worked with.
this is he beginning of the bringing the issue to the surface, so that the individual can clear this…(with the assistance of the practitioner).
even as we bring up the issue/challenge with words in this way, we begin to release it in this intake session, by blowing it into a kuya…
(a kuya is also known as a m’edicine stone’ – ‘a focal point’ for the releasing, and ‘like a tuning fork’, it can assist that release (quotes by don jicaram ). these kuyas, as well as having their connection to the earth, are worked with through the training of the medicine wheel, connecting with our personal transformation, healings and learnings that we bring to the work we do).

~ when the issue/challenge has been explored through talking, and it may have been ‘tracked back’ through times where this has occured, through questioning and listening….
then can the person doing the work can make themselves comfortable, and the energy centres can be tested…. this can be with muscle testing or with the pendulum….a pendulum does, to be fair provide a very visual easy way to see some of what is happening…. seeing with the movement of the pendulum, the movement of the energy centre ‘backwashing’ (going anti clockwise), already beginning that release of energy

~then we place the kuya on that energy centre.

~the practictioner then comes round and holds the individuals ‘deepening points’, two relaxation points underneath the occuiptal ridge on the back of the head. holding space for the individual to bring up anything they can bring to the surface related to this issue/challenge (and things tend to come whether we release they are related or not) on the inbreath, and then blown with intention, and with the breath out of the mouth into the stone….
here it is possible to release more of the energy surrounding the challenge, and release the imprint through one of our main energy centres that attracted that energy in the first place…
the practitioner follows their breathing to assist the maintaining of connection with the individual through the session, holding the client in a safe place where these can be brought up and released…

the energies are released through the breath, through intention and through the stone. memories, feelings, emotions are brought up on the inbreath, and breathed out to release these, the energy surrounding these and the imprints through the stone to the earth.
it is said that the energy goes back to the earth where it can flow again. it is said that it is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ energy per se, it is more that it is energy that is in a place that it does not belong. like water that has been blocked from flowing, becoming stagnant and less pleasant, the releasing of that energy, like the releasing of water from a stagnant pool, the energy can flow again, and flow where it does belong. people sensitive to energy like myself and some people i have worked with have -what seems to be- perceived this energy already begin to change to become more flowing as it leaves the energy field and returns to earth…
it is also said that the earth can utilise this energy as it flows through it, like it does our food waste, transforming it into compost that is nutritional and beneficial for the earth……

this letting go of this, what is termed ‘hucha’, as well as releasing us from having to carry it round, releasing these blockages, also allows free flowing life energy (also known as sami energy) to come in its place….and as these energies and patterns clear, illuminations also, can give us a deep state of relaxation…a space where we are held where we can connect to ourselves, and our own inner wisdom….  this state of deep relaxation is also in itself a place where self healing can occur… when the individuals allows themselves to go particularly deep, we call this ‘stepping into infinity’… some books call these ‘induced relaxation states’.  here we can experience deep relaxation and release and often we may receive a new perspective or insight in relation to that which was released.
where these occur, this relaxation, insights, healing, transformation can also be blown into the stone, as an informing the stone, informing the stone, self and the universe too in a way, of this self-healing work….

then when ready, with intention and with the hands, we bring through free flowing ‘sami’ energy, from the practictioners 9 chakra (and beyond), through to the energy centre worked with. while when releasing the blocked hucha energy, sami energy can flow into its place, this is extra assistance to fill up the space created from the releasing of the hucha energy, and extra informing of the which we wish to come in its place….free flowing energy.

~then, often we do what has been called a ‘decoupling exercise’. this is a way of disengaging a fight or flight reaction that the issue may have caused, allowing the relaxation of these processes. it is also a way of re-balancing, grounding, centering and further relaxation.

~ then a mythic map is usually created. this is an anchoring into the physical, mind and soul the work that has been done, mainly in the energetic. it is also a further reinforming ourselves of the healing piece, and setting our intention of that which we wish to take the place of what has been released, that which we choose to consciously create/co-create/attract into our lives. we can anchor this in by using the senses…for example, images, sounds and physical movements that we can repeat each day for as long as we choose, reinforming our new chosen ‘map’, letting ourselves and ‘the universe’ know our choice of that we wish to bring in. over time, especially when working with the movements, images etc., this self-healing effects of this work tends to grow… like a seed into a tree.

any more questions, please feel free to ask: k creuynni



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