the work of the south…


………………………………….(photo by peter robertson – source: museum victoria)

“the four winds are marked out like the cardinal points of a compass….it begins in the south, the serpent path, where one goes to shed the past, just as the serpent sheds its skin”                                                                                                       (don jicaram)

the work of the south is to release the past and let go of unhelpful stories that have been part of our lives…

many of us have found ourselves bound by our stories, for example the story of being bullied, or being a bully, stories of unhappy relationships, or of depression or of being ill or…[..insert unwanted stories here….].

rather than continue those stories indefinitely, unhooking and releasing them allows for new stories to come and take their place…. ones that we can have a more conscious control of co-creating…

this releasing or shedding the past, is symbolised and represented by the serpent, the snake, resonating with the snakes ability to shed the skin, we can shed our past stories…

as we shed out past stories, we can also begin to become aware of, and step out of ‘drama triangles’that we may have found ourselves caught up in. these can hold us in disempowering (to self and others) roles of ‘perpetrator'(‘bully’ or ‘oppressor’), ‘victim’ and/or ‘rescuer’.more information on this can be found on the training and in alberto villoldo’s book ‘the four insights’ and most likely on this website in the future).

stepping out of the drama triangles that have bound us, can free us from unconsciously stepping into roles of  ‘ perpetrator’, ‘victim’, and/or rescuer…and live more authentically as ourselves…. and also free others from being part of our drama triangles… . throughout the medicine wheel we find a variety processes to help us step out of these….

in the south, illuminations are one of the processes that assist us step out of these triangles…. illuminations are a core process in most sessions, and are very powerful in their own right, as well as in conjunction with other techniques.

….illuminations assist individuals to release their ‘hucha’ (heavy, stagnant) energies that are blocking/causing obstructions to the free flow of energy in individuals….and to clear what alberto calls ‘imprints’ (information stored in the energy field/subconscious like program instructions that attract certain situations/stories to us).

to assist this release of the hucha and imprints, a ‘kuya’ (a ‘medicine stone’) from the ‘mesa’ (collection of medicine stones) of the practitioner is used.

stones are worked with to become kuyas throughout the medicine wheel. in the south training, three stones are chosen and brought to the training and worked with during the training in a process called ‘yanna chaqui’, where wounds are transformed into gifts, informing the stones as well as ourselves…and the stones become ‘kuyas’, the medicine stones, which together form our ‘mesas’. these kuyas are also known by some as ‘power objects’, which don jicaram describes as “…a focal point…like a tuning fork

and with a stone as a ‘focal point’ for the exercise and as ‘tuning fork’ that resonates with the healing work, hucha energy is released back to the earth. hucha energy is not ‘bad’ energy, it just is energy that has become stagnant and blocking free flow of energy, it is just energy that is in the wrong place for it to be beneficial. through releasing it back to the earth, it can flow again, and go to places where it is beneficial.
it is often said that the earth can also transform it and utilise it to grow even more beautiful, just as it does our compostable waste in the compost bins in our gardens and allotments, turning it into nutrition for the soil….  (and i find the simple freeing of this energy so that it can flow again also transforms it too)…..


as these energies clear, and when they are cleared, illuminations also, give us a relaxed, meditative state, where we can connect to ourselves

if we choose to allow them, these give us the opportunity to ‘step outside of time’, to what my tutor called  ‘stepping into infinity’ – a place of deep relaxation and peace, inner wisdom and connection. it is a place where we gain new perspectives on a situation, find gifts from our experiences, and may feel transformation and healing.

in the south we also learn the creating of our own mythic map, to set the intention, focus and energy of what it is we really would like in our life…. here we also anchor the healing piece at the place of our energetic into our body, as well as mind and ‘soul’.

the south is also the place of the gentle healers, and at the beginning of our ‘four winds’ or ‘medicine wheel’ journey, we receive traditional rites to support us in that journey. these rites are the bands of power, the kawak rites (the seer rites are based on these), the harmony rites and our mesas that are, in the south, made up of the three south stones now kuyas, are given the healers rites, connecting our mesas with the mesas and healing of ancient healers.

in the south part of thmunay ki courses (which is basically the receiving and gifting of  versions of the traditional rites without the other processes taught in the south training), we receive the healers ritesseer rites, the harmony rites and the bands of power.

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