variations of energy clearing exercise

energy clearing process (2)
as above clearing each chakra in an anticlockwise motion, but clearing each chakra first, and then when all the chakras are cleansed, taking a moment to feel that feeling of lightness before putting the sami energy in each chakra in turn, again in a clockwise motion.


energy clearing process (3)
as above, but placing a stone on each energy centre while doing the exercise, using the stone as an additional focus to release the energy back to the earth, utilising its connection with the earth where it came from. then, when the energy centre you are working with is cleared enough, with your intention to clear the stone, blow the energies of the stone back to the earth, and/or put though a candle flame, with that same intention, or clear with water, again with that intention – to clear and release those energies. it’s possible to use either a separate stone for each chakra, and cleanse each one, or to use the same stone for each chakra, cleansing the stone before placing it on the next chakra




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energy clearing process (4)

as any of above, but to also do the clearing of the energy centre openings at the back of your body (with intention or with intention and hand etc). it took me  little while to feel which way to clear, anti clockwise or clockwise, but i felt to move the hand/intention anti-clockwise for this too.

energy clearing process (5)
with this stillness within energy meditation, can also allow gentle release and bringing in of energies.

added note: these principles can be worked with to clear hucha energies that can collect in the home too….opening a window, then bringing the energy out with the hands, and giving it to earth.



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