hucha energy

this could be translated into ‘heavy’ energy, or ‘stagnant’ is energy that is no longer flowing freely, and has accumulated, and unconsciously held on to, rather than released. it is energy that doesn’t belong in an individual’s energy field, and it can be released again using a number of techniques and processes. it can be released to water, earth, fire, or air, where then can flow to where the energy does belong, where it can be utilised well. often, we give this hucha energy to the earth, where it can be mulched and ‘mikreed’, as the earth does with our waste vegetable peelings etc, breaking it down into a form that it can be of benefit to the earth, just as compost does, which is why some opening sacred space word speak to the jaguar to assist the mulching and mikreeing, to feed the earth, and assist it grow even more beautiful.

there are also similar theories in celtic ‘shaman’ work, where the hucha energy is given to the earth/water, where it can flow to where it does belong. it is only ‘hucha’ energy when it is where it does not belong i.e. where we have been (usually subconsciously) holding onto it, so it has stagnated and built up, rather than releasing it to continue it’s flow.

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