who can benefit from this work?

well, so many people could potentially benefit in some small or massive way from this work. from people looking for healing, to those spiritual seeking, from people with illness to those simply looking for personal growth, empowerment and self confidence.  and any one that would like to release that which they wish to release, and to step into their power, able to fufil their potential and work to bring into their lives what they truly wish for.

the main thing that is needed for the person is a willingness to release whatever it is that has held them back, and to work together to release these, and bring into their lives what they do wish.

i’ve worked with a variety of symptoms, causes and effects in my own personal work, and working to assist others in their healing journey.  the following list includes examples of conditions that can benefit from this type of work. the list is based on a Four Winds tutors list of conditions, but has been/is being added to from my personal experience of giving (and receiving) sessions.

  • those with chronic pain,  e.g. fibromyalgia
  • those with chronic fatigue e.g. M.E.
  • those that find themselves wishing to some people do things to escape this reality, e.g. some use alcohol, some even use TV, while leaving the problems behind, so that they are still there when they come back to reality.  these issues, and what is attracting these issues, can be released, so theres no longer a feeling of a need to escape from them. let the problems ‘escape’ instead ; )
  • any unhelpful/unwanted patterns noticed occuring in life, this work has benefited many to break these patterns.
  • feeling stuck in a repetitive behavioural pattern,
  • feeling stuck in a life pattern
  • feeling stuck in a generational pattern
  • having emotional traumas returning,
  • struggling with emotional issues
  • feeling unhappy with self and life
  • wanting to make changes and do not know how
  • indecision on what do in life.
  • depression
  • lack of self-confidence.
  • those who overly worry or are over-anxious
  • those who feel that they are in a ‘drama’ all the time, and wish to change this.
  • inexplicable mood swings or personality shifts
  • uncontrollable addictions.
  • unexplained pain or discomfort somewhere in the body
  • injuries that do not appear to heal in expected time frames.
  • symptoms cause by emotional and/or physical trauma.
  • chronic depression
  • anger
  • apathy
  • effects of abuse.
  • numbness
  • lack of vitality or fatigue
  • those experiencing negative energies or similar problems in the home or work building.
  • those still experiencing the affects of an incident or incidents that happened in childhood or recent past.
  • unhealthy connection to any individual, past partner, or family member.
  • chronic illness
  • weak immune system
  • feelings of emptiness
  • trying to fill the ‘hole inside’ with external things, whether it be substances, excessive shopping or whatever applies.
  • a propensity towards addictions or destructive behaviours.
  • Those that wish to ‘die’ consciously, either to something in their lives, or for those whose spirit is soon in move on to another reality, and wish to do this consciously.
  • those experiencing old family wounds, informing how we think and act.
  • debilitating beliefs or emotions that other members of your family have
  • destructive behaviour such as substance abuse, addiction running through a family
  • those feeling a lack self-awareness
  • health problems or accidents themes occurring along generations.
  • those feeling unconnected to themselves, and/or spirit
  • those who wish to learn more about the spiritual side of life.

More can be added to this, but these give an idea.

This info is elsewhere on this site , but here is information on some of the specific processes, and a few examples what they are used for :

The words are mainly from a four winds tutors site,  i’m using them temporarily until i’ve written my own….

examples of processes used when guiding people on their healing journeys.

Illuminations: The luminous energy field organises are physical body, informing our DNA, as well as our external reality. It informs and predisposes us to certain kinds of relationships, experiences, meeting certain kinds of people etc. When we are able to clear the imprints of the luminous energy field… we are able to experience freedom from these imprints.

An illumination can be beneficial if:
feeling stuck in a repetitive behavioural pattern, having emotional traumas returning,  struggling with emotional issues, battling with health problems, feeling unhappy with yourself and your life, wanting to make changes and do not know how

In the illumination process, the imprint to the luminous energy field appears as heavy energy around the chakras. During the healing, the heavy emotional energy of the imprint itself is erased by focusing intention and breath. When the imprint is erased, we are no longer informed by the wounds of our past or ancestry.

The emotions of hate, envy, anger, and similar strong emotions that other people direct towards you can sometimes become crystallised toxic energies that embed themselves in your body. These toxic energies may also have been created from chronic self-abuse, negative self-talk, or from a physical injury.
Intrusive entities are believed to be disincarnate spirits trapped between this world and the next. Sometimes it is one of our own former lifetimes that have awakened in our subconscious mind and wants to live again; battling with our current self for control of our central nervous system or it may be a deceased relative or friend who is coming to us for assistance.
Intrusive energies are initially attracted to us because they have an affinity with us.. After the extraction, the affinity to that particular type of energy is removed and healed as well.
Symptoms of intrusive entities may include:
Depression, Inexplicable mood swings or personality shifts, Uncontrollable addictions, Symptoms of crystallised energies may include:  Unexplained pain or discomfort somewhere in the body, Injuries that do not appear to heal in expected time frames.

Soul Retrieval.  Soul loss is a term used to describe an imbalance caused by a loss or disassociation of some part of our vital essence. It is usually caused by emotional and physical trauma. In these instances a part of our life essence may disassociate from our body to cope with the pain.
Soul Retrieval is an ancient form of healing, in which the Shaman locates the lost life essence energy parts of the client and reintegrates them to restore balance.

Soul Retrieval returns the gifts and personal power that our lost soul parts embodied.

Symptoms of soul loss may include:
Chronic depression, Apathy, numbness, lack of vitality or fatigue, Unhealthy connection to any individual, past partner, or family member
Chronic illness or a weak immune system, Feelings of emptiness, which you try to fill with external things, A propensity towards addictions or destructive behaviours

Dying Consciously. These are the great rites of passage that mark new stages in life. When you are ready to step into a new phase in your life or need to create big shifts on how to live, some old parts of yourself may die to make way for the new self to be born.

One phase that we all will come to is the final journey back to Spirit. In these cases, the final death rites, assist a person to die peacefully, as we clear the heavy energy from the chakras within the luminous energy field, and if possible spend time with recapitulation and forgiveness to bring completion to a life, and freedom from past events, with permission to die with peace, knowing that all is well. Our physical body can return to the earth what has always belonged to nature, and our luminous body to the heavens what has always belonged to spirit.

Ancestral imprints.
We carry in our bodies the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain and grief or our ancestors. Often we are unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act in every day life. They may manifest as a debilitating belief or emotion that you share with other members of your family lineage, a particularly destructive behaviour such as substance abuse, addiction running through a family, and health problems or accidents themes occurring along a lineage
And, as we heal ourselves, there is a ripple effect that extends forward and backward in time, bringing forgiveness and relief to our children and ancestors.

Mythic Mapping.  This allows us to allow the universe and ourselves know what it is that we wish for in this present moment. It helps the future to inform the present. And it assists greatly in integrating the healing at the energy level, with the mind and body levels, by anchoring this healed place, and the map of our future into the body, mind and soul as well as spirit, using triggers such as symbols and movement.


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