sessions and workshops

.in these sub-menus will be some more specific information about working in sessions and workshops.

sessions are usually about 1 1/2 hours long, although can last from 1 hr to 3 hours. the ‘techniques and processes’,  ‘general information’ and other sub-menus give an idea of what kind of techniques may be used in a session.

there is usually an ‘illumination’ each session, and then the other techniques used vary depending on each situation.

workshop times are usually also between 1 hour and 3 hours.

workshops i give include:

  •  the munay ki – receiving the rites, and learning to gift and teach the rites.
  • journeying to meet power animals – elemental energies and qualities that appear to us as animals
  •    journeying for life essence retrieval (also known as ‘soul retrieval’)
  •  ‘shadow work’ – finding and integrating hidden parts of ourselves
  • basic tools and techniques of energy medicine
  • meditation and relaxation techniques
  • opening and holding sacred space
  • chakra clearing / luminous energy field cleansing
  • sandpainting (using tools to process and shift with natural materials
  • fire ceremonies
  • destiny retrieval
  • ‘underworld’ journeying (journeying to the subconscious)
  • upperworld journeying
  • mythic mapping

(more information on the FAQ submenu)


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