One healing journey…


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My journey has been one of many experiences….I seem to have been more than gently nudged into to the direction of this work along the years until the nudge became a push, a push became a shove and a shove became a knockdown until I finally found what I was looking for ….finally found what i didn’t even know I was looking for even…

I seem to have walked at least three of the common types of paths to get to this place of working with this work, and though they are different, they are also interwoven in some ways, supporting eachother, nudging me along. These include:
~The paths of the “wounded healer” –  experiencing chronic illness that the mainstream medical profession were unable to help with. For me, this was many of years of neurological 99% boundbound, often writhing, frequently paralysing pain. In learning to heal myself, learning how to assist others to heal themselves.
~The paths where the individual has experienced near death experiences – leading to insights/shifts/changes within themselves. The first, I was brought back, the second one I recognised what was happening and consciously chose to come back here.
~The paths where the individual has received an ‘awakening’ as some people call it – basically an awakening – often lightning impacts of insights and realisations.
~The paths of the gentle insights that come with a questioning, exploring a mind – including from a young age
~The paths of structured training. A great framework to weave this learning from experience within.
~The paths of consciously access in the inner, universal and nature wisdom that it seems we all can access for self-healing, self-transformation – to me self-freeing, self evolving and finding more about who and what we are.

Now, i work with consciously choosing our own destinies, but I guess, in hindsight, that could be a big hint to me, that even when i went off track in my life – wish I did for various reasons – when I didn’t follow my heart – something in me wanted to come to this kind of work.

These paths interwove together when I wrote down the the lightning insights and experiences. At first, I wrote them as simply exercises for the brain – then it was suggested they could be more than this. Then a friend gave me a book to read, saying that he thought I was talking about what the author of this book was talking about. And I read this book (Shaman Healer Sage by Alberto Villoldo), and I found this – and so much more, that what I had experienced, the theories of the mind was wisdom that had been passed down many generations – perhaps for thousands, tens of thousands of years or more. And in this book was this, and more than this that gave me a greater understanding of those insights, of those experiences. And from this I went to a workshop with Alberto Villoldo. And there, in the workshop, I felt a ‘yes’ inside, me that I hadn’t felt for a while, that the training is for me. And I listened to that ‘yes’. Well, I say I listened. I didn’t have much choice but to listen. This is where the bed bound writhing  neurological pain that the doctors couldn’t assist with except to take the edge off it with opioid painkillers wove in.  The doctors had told me that I would just have to live with it. So my choice was to just live with this crippling all over the body where peripheral nerves are pain or try this course. And so I saved up for a year to do the Four Winds Society training. And from this structured training, I learned so much, and it still a framwork for me. And from this training, a practiced directly accessing the awen~experience, I learned even more – from the awen – from nature, from others from myself. And step by step I improved, weaving in bodywisdom of that which is better for my body to eat and drink, weaving in massage, when the ability came – strength exercises, weaving in following my heart, and transforming my woods into gifts, and so much more.

While, if in a culture that have existed in this country a few thousand years or so ago, someone might have picked up on this, and led me to this work earlier and the road could have been easier, I didn’t know enough myself to realise this. I didn’t know anyone else that practiced that kind of work that I practice now. Now, I know so many in this field. And increasingly I feel as we do our work, the next generations can learn in an easier way.

Gradually, I was called to share the work more and more. You know how they say ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’. Well it was also a lot of ‘when the teacher is ready, students appear’. I listened, and I share the work now – this beautiful work that comes from all of the above – the structured training including wisdom and practices passed through generations and the woven experiences around that framework that allow these to evolve and grow.

if you don't get lost there's a chance you may never be found                         “if you don’t get lost there’s a chance you may never be found”
                                                    (Painting and words by Ann bridges)

Through working with the body (listening to the body – what food is right for it, changing eating to raw, fresh fruit, salad, vegetables and seeds), mind, soul and ‘energetic’, my health has progressed over time. Step by step, release by release, insight by insight. And I’m still working on this, and appreciate all the gifts on the way. And I appreciate the transformation. I have worked hard for this, so I guess I best appreciate me too. And I appreciate others that are willing to step up and do their personal work – this can benefit themselves – and the world around them – the world around us. What is that quote? ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’.



4 thoughts on “One healing journey…

  1. i love reading about your journey katie, you’re so open and delightful that you want to share this beauty with us. thank you sister of love and light xxx liz

    • cheers liz : ) i was just coming back to re-edit it : ) tho maybe its ok already : )
      got some notes from courses/workshops i’d like to type up and share too when i get time : )

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