and in this place where thoughts create new worlds…

...and in this place where thoughts create new worlds
 we can think up our own creations
and make up our own personal heavens
 we can create our own personal ‘hells'
 somewheres inbetween...
…and in this time-free place we can also see
 like energy attracting like energy
beings of similar creations, thoughts, and energies. Frequencies
 ..and to heavenly places with other resonators we can soar
 amazing experiences, realms of happinesses,
 real ecstasy, bliss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
and more
 .(there’s so much beauty we can create…)
..and in these places, if we choose, we can go..
 to 'hellish’ places with other beings of similar harms and terrors made
 (it’s not only ‘good’ that we can create)
 …sounds quite like theories of heaven and hell to me
 and felt something like it too 
and this creating and attracting of like energies 
 can happen (to an extent at least) on this earth reality too.
 in the fluidity of timeless infinities
 (if we have the wisdom and ability)
 with a change of thoughts, energies,
 creatings, wavelengths frequencies
 we can move between these places quickly and easily 
 when we choose to
 and some...
 may even choose a quick visit to certain nightmare places 
 just for the experience
 to see how it feels when experiencing that harshness…
 maybe similar to how some watch horror movies..
but with an extra amount of intensities of being there....
 ‘how it feels’ to be in that situation, 
 can depend
on the awareness, timescale and knowledge blend,
 as (for example)
to know that any pain, however severe, with a change of energies....
can be gone, and all can be healed and wonderful again in a moment…
 ..and to know if someone is ‘killed’ then in an instant they are alive again...
is much different than in the realities where they have forgotten this.
 and are (for example)
more stuck in the motions of chronological time
 (maybe to see how that feels)

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