....and in this place where thoughts create new worlds
   if you think up 'good' creations
 you can make up your own personal heaven

or think up not 'good' creations
    and create your own personal hell

  i guess people do this to an extent on earth too
   choosing to do things that make their life 'hell'
or choosing to do things that make them, and others happy - heavenly
 and in this place you can also see

           like energy attracting like energy

with beings full of positive energy, good thoughts actions creations-
                 being drawn to places with positive energy sensations,

to places with other beings of positive thoughts they soar
                with amazing good experiences, happiness, and more

and those full of negative thoughts, actions, creations, desires
            go to places with negative energy
              experience nightmare scenarios and such like

      sounds like a bit like heaven and hell to me
               (and man – it felt like it too)

(tho unlike some versions i think it is possible to have a quick visit to either
                                          just for the experience)
and this seems to happen a bit in this life too,

 where the good that people do attracts more good
good people good times excellent experiences, mint music, amazing adventures
           like what people call karma i guess

 and there are so many instances where it looks like a kind of karma's happening
where someone's doin good and having good come back to them
                  (and vice versa)
and the good or not so good that come back to them
      can be so specifically particular
to the actions that person has made
            it does looks very like a kind of karma paid
            like energy attracting like energy
positive to positive
                        and negative to negative
and if even just thinking something bad should happen to you
                      it can just happen
         -like energy attracting like energy
and if you think of something good to happen to you
in prayers- in thoughts – your words and your wishes too
                       it can just happen -
 with like energy attracting like energy

          sometimes we have more power than we realise

 i'm not saying that all the good and not so good things that happen is due to this-
we got so many influences on us-
             - and our perceptions of ourselves, other people, the world....
our environment - our genes - other people,
(especially people who have some power over us)
possibly as many believe - our 'past lives'
             and more and who knows what else-
        even if others try to make your life like hell
you can still create at the very least some 'heaven' in your life
                 in so many different ways
(first posted online 01 Sept 2006)

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