higher us?

and in many of these places

in timeless open spaces

i see

what seem to be

good friends from this reality

popping up in different places

maybe not looking exactly the same ,

with differences maybe in their faces, clothes, &/or names

but given away as themselves in some way

by their smile – their laugh – y their energy,

by a phrase they so ofte say,

or by their body talk – a gesture –

so identical  so particular

to their individual expressions

thats it does much look like

they are those friends, similar/related souls (or doin very good impressions)

and also even stranger

in one of these places…….

i see a glimpse of some of these good friends faces –

in an image of what could some people call our ‘higher selves’


and they’re looking like they’re watching and maybe influencing our lives

maybe giving us guidance, maybe studying us,

maybe looking out for us and protecting us,

maybe making things happen in our lives

maybe havin a buzz offa us

maybe they are seen as angels, gods, gods messengers+/or inner guides-

maybe they can and do give us knowledge about the past/present/futures of our world

and a lot more besides


(maybe this could be why angels/inner guides

are thought by many to look out for and talk to you,

maybe they do

cos they are you, and/or someone who knows and loves you)

i remember seeing an image of  about 3 or 4 of them/us standing up and looking down into an indent/hole of somekind

in something that looked like a highish table

surrounded by clouds of mist

with colours reflecting in the clouds

like the rain reflects the sunlight in rainbows

and from the indent

a bright sunlight kinda light coming from it

in that it ‘s bright kinda white with a depth to it that you know that its full of colours

the brightness blending in to the warm colours of the lighting in the room that they’re in


how far the hole went down i don’t think i could see

for all i know it could have been a few inches

or could have stretched to infinity


but the image reminded me

of when you see in comics or animations on film or tv

when they are lookin in a hole or pool of some kind in their lair

and in this they can see what is happening elsewhere


and then

though i couldn’t see them

i could hear them talkin ’bout

what we get up to, about what they see

as if they are watching a program on tv

and for some of it – i get the feeling – they are talkin about me

and then they were talkin bout what was gonna happen next to me

and an image came into my head

of one future that could have been for me

– bein taken away by an ambulance a future really happy but in insanity

with my body living in this world with my mind in another reality

so i decided to come back down to this reality quickly

which i did straight away – just in time to go to viv’s that day

thankful for bein able to work with my mind that way


written 1999, first posted online 2006.

nb. i saw timebandit last christmas, they had a pool into seeing the bandits reality (plus influence) very much like what i saw ; )


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