What is the difference between sessions and workshops?

Sessions tend to be working on particular issues/conditions/patterns on a one to one basis.

Workshops tend to be two or more individuals, with more emphasis of learning how to do specific techniques, e.g. how to gift and teach the Munay Ki.

This is a generalisation of this, as both are flexible, and what is shared in sessions and workshops can overlap.

How do I make an appointment or book a workshop?

If you skype me : creuynnikatie, or e-mail me, or facebook me ‘katie saxby’ and we can exchange numbers, and we can find a time.  You can also text try calling me on  07870576936, but I don’t have my mobile switched on often.

As an individual – you can book me for sessions, or to be part of a workshop.

As a group of two or more people – you can book me for workshops (or individually for sessions).

Also workshops etc can be booked for festivals/events, for bookings for events/festivals there are the following options:

1. Munay Ki Workshops – usually at events/festivals there is time for 1-4 of the rites to be shared (the foundation rites), in a one 1-2 hours workshop, or two 1-2 hours workshops (the amount depending on how many rites are shared).

2. Giving sessions. I normally give these at other times to festivals or similar events, as sessions usually are for 1 ½ hours or more long. However, I can give a part of some sessions, which are the gifting the Munay Ki rites:

3. Gifting the Munay Ki rites. The Munay Ki rites can be gifted without sharing how to gift the rites etc, so this can be done too, particularly with the Foundation Rites.

4. I can give talks, but prefer the combining of talking/sharing with practical work of workshops.

5. There are various other workshops I can give too, from journeying, to chakra clearing and more. (More information on various techniques are on this site).

How long are sessions/workshops?

Sessions are normally about 1 ½ hours, but can last 1-3 hours. This really depends on which techniques are used in the session, and how many techniques are applicable for each individual session/pattern/issue etc.

Workshops are usually about 2-2 1/2 hours at a time (but can vary).

For sessions – How many sessions will it take?

The short answer would be – it depends. It depends mainly on the individual, and on the number and kind of the issue/pattern(s) involved. It can be one session, or it can be 2-3 sessions, 3-4 sessions or more. On the course we talked about how seeking holistic health,  is being on a healing journey – a journey to health, and/or a journey to step into our own power and live in ayni. For some people this journey is longer, for some it is shorter, and some people may wish to benefit from going deeper into the journey of knowing ourselves, our purpose, stepping into our power and learning to consciously co-create our reality etc, while others may not feel the need or wish to go even deeper into this work.

Taking each session, on a session-by-session basis, it is up to the individual to choose how many sessions they wish to have, and how often they have them. However, at least 21-28 days are usually given between sessions to allow for the healing to develop and integrate into the physical world within this time.

Doing personal work after a session enhances and strengthens the work so much, and so potentially reduces the amount of sessions required to clear. Techniques for this personal work is shared in sessions, and also information on this is on this website (and being added), and in some recommended books.

For Workshops – How many workshops will it take?

This depends on the workshop, and the group. The Munay Ki rites is currently the main workshop that I do, and that consists of nine rites, and is normally one rite per workshop, so 9 (two hour) workshops for all of the  rites. Where possible, I try keep this flexible, as we are all individuals, and progress at different paces, and so it can be useful when able, to allow for this.

What times can I come?

Sessions and Workshops are normally arranged for Monday-Friday’s between 10 and 3.30pm, and occasional weekends.

How much will it cost me?

For prices, it’s best to contact me to find out, as it depends on certain variables (e.g. on the venue costs etc). Normally it would be £10 per workshop, and £50-60 per (approx) 2 hr session.

Where and when I can, there are a a few workshops and sessions a month that I offer by gift economy (www.justfortheloveofit.com), skillshare and/or donation, so it’s worth asking me about these if you’re interested in these options. With these you can donate a combination of what you can afford, and what you feel the session is worth for you. You can take the normal prices as a suggested donation, and donate with money, which will go towards materials used on the course, and towards paying for me to do more masters courses, so that I can continue my learning, and sharing this learning. Other people have donated skills like Reiki and Massage, or materials.  An amazing spiritual healer did this for me when I was in my twenties, I paid much less than some of his other clients, who chose to donate/pay more, and some clients paid him by giving him Alexander Technique sessions (for example). With gift economy, there is the added option to donate time/money to another project. With gift economy there is also the option to give nothing at all, but most people give something in one of these ways.

Is there any work I can do in-between/after sessions/workshops?

Definitely, and it is really beneficial to do the personal work after sessions.

In sessions, there are usually small pieces or work to do at least 2-5 minutes, once a day for  21-28 days. I usually call ‘personal work’ or ‘homework’, and helps strengthen, enhance and anchor the healed work into everyday life.

Also in some sessions, additional techniques are learned (that are often taught in workshops), that can be used at home too.

And, with the workshops, practicing the main techniques that we’ve learned is really useful. In between Munay Ki workshops specifically, sharing the rites, watching the DVD links, and reading the information on this site and others is useful too, to help the remembering and understanding what we talk about and experience in class.

This website is gradually bringing many of these techniques shared in sessions online here, for reminders of the techniques, theories etc, and are generally under the ‘Techniques and Processes’ sub menus, and in the Munay Ki sub menus.

What do I need to do?

For sessions – basically, the main thing you need to do is to be willing to release and be assisted to be released anything that needs to be released. more information on the techniques are under the ‘techniques and processes’ on the website, and we work together in this work, on what feels comfortable. the illumination process (also in that sub-menu) is almost always a core process.

Also you need to be willing to spend about 2-5 minutes (30 seconds at least, more if possible) a day for the next 21 days after a session doing an agreed task that anchors the healing into everyday life. Doing this task for 21 days greatly enhances the process.  So much so, my main mentor/tutor refuses to spend her time working in sessions with those who do not do this personal work for at least 30 seconds a day for 21 days.

(This task would be decided by yourself in the session, and can be as simple as a small movement, drawing, or song that reminds the body, mind and soul of the new healed ‘map’ (more information on these maps is given in sessions, and will be so online soon too).

For workshops – well, basically all is needed is to turn up, and participate. a lot of the techniques and processes and information is on the site to give you an idea of what will happen.

What do I need?

Just yourself really, though for the Munay Ki workshops, once you’ve received your stone, then for each session, the stone is needed to be brought.

You’ll benefit from wearing comfortable clothing.

and you can also bring ( if you’d like )

For workshops you can bring a notepad and pen if you like, though I am putting some information on this site too, so this is less needed.

For opening sacred space, some percussion – a drum, rattle, or similar instruments are often used to ‘call in the directions’, so you are welcome to bring your own.

For fire ceremonies (more information on these soon) extra wood is useful. As is a drum or other instrument for playing round the fire if you’d like.

For despachos, any burnable ingredients that you’d like to put into a despacho (more info on these on the Despacho submenu).

When working with the Munay Ki workshops, after being gifted the pi stone, this is needed for each workshop.


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