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  1. Katie worked with us at Fire in the Mountain festival last year in Wales, she conducted the opening ceremony, gave personal sessions and some workshops. She was professional, helpful and courteous, she had a good sense of self and understood what she was doing within that space. Her workshops were popular and all feedback we received about her was great!
    I would not hesitate to recommend her for any festival work in the future
    Thanks Katie and hopefully we will see you again this year!

  2. I had a chance to have a sample massage from you at the vegan fair. It was brilliant, I could feel myself going deeper into relaxation during the different stages of the massage, I knew I was tense but hadn’t realised just how tense! I almost fell asleep which is really unusual during a massage for me and it shows just how effective your method is. I felt amazing afterwards, totally light and calm. Thank you so much!

  3. We have met with Katie at Tamera. She did a shadow workshop one night for us. It was a very interesting experience: I have learned a new approach for learning more about myself. It made me think a lot about the connections we have in our life, the way we relate to our relationships including relationship with oneself. Shadow workshop lead by Katie put things in a deeper perspective: inquiry work, meditation, integration. I would like to explore more! Evgenia

  4. Dear Katie,

    Thank you so much for your presence at the Fire in the Mountain festival. The space you created and held was really wonderful. Very powerful work offered with sincerity and grace, I can’t wait to learn more.

    In gratitude

    Harry Greaves

  5. I worked with Katie over a long weekend at the Cornwall Raw Food Festival.
    We collaborated in ceremony to begin the festival and I also took part in her shamanic journey workshops.
    Katie’s work is extremely powerful, intuitive and insightful.
    I felt transformed after the work and thoroughly appreciated the deep transition that had occurred.
    I look forward to doing more work with Katie.

  6. Hi Katie,
    Thank you so much for being part of Raw Fest 2012, you held a beautiful space which you ran professionally and with a sense of calm and tranquility. I felt honored to have you and your amazing skills and experience. I hope you can do the same again this year 🙂

    Thank you and hope to see you again soon 🙂

    Love and appreciation

    Raw Fest Organizer

  7. Thank you Katie, it’s hard to put into words, but you have already changed my life for the better in just one session. I had read about a million self help books and articles, changed so much of my behaviour and thinking and yet was still attracting the same situations in life. Now that I have discovered the blessing your work gives, I want to send everyone I know who is suffering to you to be healed and helped on their journey. To anyone who has tried therapy, counselling, self help and all the usual things without lasting results, I highly recommend a session with Katie. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her in healing my life. Thank you so much. See you in another session soon!

  8. Hi Katie

    Thank you so much for the session the other week, and for taking the extra time that I obviously needed. Thank you for your patience.
    I have learnt so much from you and many of the things on the journey have started making sense afterwards. I have been able to move forward in bounds with my life as a result, and I am extremely grateful. It’s nice to have rediscovered my inner little girl!

  9. Hi Katie,

    First of all i want to express my gratitude in working with you. Your intention to assist in bringing us back to our natural state of being is very clearly felt in your sessions. I feel very comfortable and relaxed in the healing space you hold and have been able to release emotional tensions i had been holding on to. You have a gentle and un-assuming way about you and I always feel light when i come from one of your sessions.

    In learning the Munay-ki with you, I have been able to employ, explore and begin to understand the processes of healing myself in the shamanic tradition. I’m also finding similarities and cross-overs between this tradition and others that i have come across in books and my experiences travelling. I LOVE that! When I feel ready, I would love to pass on the rites to others myself.

    Thankyou for enthusiastically sharing all your knowledge in your chilled out, down-to-earth way and handing out the practical tools for making my steps along my healing journey and tools for when i slip! 🙂 like the mythic mapping, bands of protection, animals, virricocha, grounding, chakra cleansing and honouring sacred space…..wow, there’s so much…! All with the intention of connecting ourselves to the divine. I am honoured and grateful.

    It was also rewarding working with Helen and Pauline too, We formed a close bond, especially when we went out into nature and took the rites there together.

    In love and Munay,

  10. I attended one of Katie’s workshops at the Eco Festival at the beginning of September this year. Although, the space Katie had been given to hold the workshop in threw up some barriers ….loud music could be overheard and children were playing nearby…..Katie was still able to overcome these in a professional and caring way and took us on a journey to meet our ‘healed self’. This was my first Shamen workshop and I would like to delve further into my spirital side and hope to see Katie again in the new year to take this further.

  11. thank you very very much helen for this beautiful e-mail feedback : ) it’s great working with you too : )

    From: Helen Rushforth
    To: Katie
    Sent: Sun, 13 March, 2011 20:06:40
    Subject: Is this a bit over the top ? – its all true though !

    Hi Katie,

    I’ve been practising expanding and closing in the Bands of Protection every day since the last session and I notice a tremendous difference in my energy field – in fact I sense that I’m more grounded, centred and focussed than before attending your classes. I’ve been reading The Four Insights by Alberto Villodo, which I think is one of his early books, which includes the animal archetypes.

    Also since being gifted the Munay Ki rites by you, I find I dream more than usual and my dreams are very vivid, colourful and arouse all sorts of emotions that I haven’t felt for years – all pleasant at the moment! but I have done some work in the past with my shadow side so I’m aware that soon I probably will have to address certain issues rather than sweep them back under the carpet but it will all be done with this ‘loving energy’ I’m sure.

    I’ve recommended your courses to various friends who, like me, have been on a spiritual path for many years, as I have honestly not met anyone like you before with such integrity, generosity of spirit and a genuine desire to help people move forward to raise their consciousness and that of the planet.

    I look forward to continuing my training with you and perhaps your Four Winds trainer later on if the Universe deems it for me.

    With Love, Light & Rainbow Blessings,


  12. Thank you Katie,

    Following our recent sessions I have really felt able to let go of so many of the things that have been holding on to me but had not realised before the session. I feel empowered, refreshed and ready to continue moving forward on my healing journey.

    C – Dorset

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you for joining us this year at our Retreat in Wales at Coxwood. You were very professional in your teachings, very curtious and polite. Everyone enjoyed your workshops and we are looking forward to welcoming you again next year at our Retreat in Snowdonia :- ))

      Carol Vinyard – Organiser

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