.workshops and other training opportunities…
these can be booked as an individual, as a group, or as an event/workshop organiser
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photo:  katie creuynni :  liz and pauline at munay ki workshop, wrexham.

.i hold workshops on many of the techniques and processes on this site,  including;

energy clearing – 1.5 hours) techniques to clear heavy energies from your energy field and bring free-flowing life energy in. includes: opening sacred space, breathing exercise, energy centres/chakra clearing and re-balancing exercise.

mythic mapping – (1.5 – 2 hours) –  letting go of old stories which no longer serve us, and then setting our intention for our new ‘map’ of what we choose to bring in to out lives, assisting us to consciously co-create our reality.  more info on this is here : mythic mapping

shifting perceptual states – (1 hour) shift our perception and shift happens. a way to see the world from different perspectives of the physical, mind/emotions, mythic and energetic, and experience the beneficial changes that can occur from simply shifting our persceptions.  

despacho workshop (1, 2 or 3 hours) –  despachos can be used to bring balance to our lives, to give honour and gratitude for our experiences and to assist with shifts and changes in our lives. for more information on these : despachos

 sand painting workshop (1 hour – with fire ceremony outside afterwards where possible). working with nature to let go of our old stories…bring along some twigs, leaves, berries, pine cones…and learn the way to process emotions and challenges through nature. ~

guided journeys (1 hour) learning the maps of the paqos of the andes to journey for self-healing and spiritual growth. these guided journeys include journeying:

  • to your personal ‘sacred garden’ and meeting your ‘gatekeeper’ guide to the underworld (the world of your subconscious).
  • to meet and work with ‘power animals’
  • for ‘life essence retrieval’ (also known by some traditions as ‘soul retrieval’
  • to meet the gate keeper of the ‘upper world’ and meet and receive gifts from ‘spirit parents/guides’
  • to meet future healed self and allow your healed self to inform your present
  • for destiny retrieval

also available are workshops in

~ ‘shadow’ work – finding and integrating parts of ourselves that we have hidden from ourselves. (more information here : shadow work )

~ fire ceremony – using fire ceremonies to release what we wish to release, and to set intentions of our choice of what to bring in. more information here : fire ceremony

~ create your own ceremony.  as well as learning traditional rites and ceremonies, there can be great power, learning and transformations in designing and creating new ceremonies ourselves

~ munay ki workshops – to receive the rites, and to learn how to gift and teach the munay ki. this is a set of 9 or more overall workshops  more information is here: ‘munay ki’ .

~ journey of the four winds… walking the path of the wheel through the journey (medicine wheel)….
the south (where we shed our stories and learn how to clear hucha energy from imprints in the energetic field) and rewrite these imprints
the west (where we release our ancestric and karmic ties, integrate parts of ourselves that were hidden and learn to bring out other types of hucha energy),
the north (where we step in more to our new journey, and retrieve parts of ourselves that have been held in safety ready for the time that pieces are healed so that they are ready to return), and
the east (a beautiful place of transcendence and stepping from healing journey more into envisionary journey)

In addition to workshops, at festivals and other events I also give:

opening/closing ceremony – opening/closing ceremony for the healing field and/or the festival/event itself, to bring people together and open sacred space to assist the holding of healing area/festival/event in sacred space for the duration of the festival.

 healing sessions – 1 hour/1 hr 30 mins healing sessions. consisting of:

  • illuminations – clearing ‘hucha’ energy from our energy field (heavy, stagnant energy that does not belong there), and clearing unwanted patterns from our lives that has attracted the build up of the hucha energy by clearing their ‘imprints’ from the energetic field. then bringing ‘sami’ energy (light free flowing energy) in its place.

illuminations also can have additional processes incorporated within the session, including:

  • extractions – releasing hucha energy that has become compacted using additional techniques

then we also tend to use:

  • decoupling exercise….disengaging fight or flight.
  • mythic mapping – integrating the healing work to the soul and body creating a new ‘map’ to walk with in the world.

munay ki sessions (15-30 minutes)

to book workshops, you can contact me on any of the following:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ……. …… e-mail at………….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . …. … .facebook – ‘creuynnikatie’ ……….              .. …./ . ……. ……. .

for current workshops happening, many are listed here: events . . 

i also work with fellow shaman charlotte gush at festivals and other events – an information pdf for event organisers on these are here: Event Organiser Information

(photo : katie creuynni : sunset at munay ki workshop, london)


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