Working with the bands of power

To work with these bands…..

The bands can work unconsciously…. and can also work with them consciously if wish to re-remember their support and empowerment protection for an extra feeling of strength/empowerment.

They can be worked with too, to strengthen and enhance them…


Simply by bringing awareness to them.

By taking a moment to expand the bands and feel that awareness of them before bringing them back in.

By taking moments to enliven the bands – connecting with the energy of the earth, water, air, fire, source, creating energy at home, or outside.. maybe in a beautiful place in nature… and allowing these energies to connect and flow with the bands

Taking time to connect with each of the elements – feeling, listening and learning.

When working with the connecting with the life energies exercise, any of the above can be part of that exercise ( audio exercises of these to download will be available soon on )