liz and pauline on the munay ki workshop

photo:  katie creuynni :  liz and pauline at munay ki workshop, wrexham.

 details of most upcoming workshops and training in europe can be found on the events page: and by e-mailing or messaging

 workshops and training can also be booked by groups and event organisers. a selection of the workshops and training available is on this menu:

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a pdf version of this is available here: menu

(and a simple text version with links is at the bottom of this page).

Not strictly workshops related, but event/group organisers may also be interested in the sessions I offer, as in the following parts of the overall menu here:

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:to book any of these, and to ask questions you can contact me on any of the following:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ……. ……
e-mail at………….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . …. … facebook –
skype: ‘creuynnikatie’

In addition to workshops, at festivals and other events I also share:


(pictures: opening ceremony with haywarisqa ceremony at shambala festival and opening sacred space rawfest)

.~ opening ceremonies for events– e.g. opening ceremonies for healing fields, events, to bring people together and open sacred space to assist the holding of healing area/festival/evnt in sacred space for the duration of the festival. often combined with a ayni karpay haywarikuy ceremony, where we give thanks for the space and set our intentions/wishes for the event.

~ haywarikuy ceremonies. also known as despacho or haywarisqa ceremonies. there are many different kinds of these ceremonies, and they are flexible, and open to being brought to many kinds of situations…of celebrating births, transitions, opening of events, honourings, solstices, samhain, beltane, imbolc, lammas and more. for example:

~birth ceremony- honouring of birth into this world, welcoming a child into this world with love. tailored to indivdual children and their parents wishes of how they would like the ceremony to run, can include a birth haywarisqa…where those that wish to can offer their gratitude and beautiful wishes for the child. 

~ ancestor haywarikuy ceremony – honouring our ancestors, voicing and giving offerings of gratitude for the gifts that they have given us, and in recognising them, assisting them be free. and, as ancestors of generations to come, offering our wishes of the gifts we would like to give future generations, if they would choose to receive them, freeing us from having to hold on to the need to pass on these gifts in the future

~fire ceremony – fire ceremonies are a great way of consciously choosing to release past stories etc, and are often used too, to set intentions for our future. they are often done at full moon, a symbol of a turning point, where we can release the happenings of the past ‘moonth’, ready and clear for the next ‘moonth’, but they can be done anytime.

~ water ceremony. working with water to set intention to release what we wish to release, and to bring in what we choose to bring in. this can be done at new or full moon, but can also be done anytime.


(photo : katie creuynni : sunset at munay ki workshop, london)

I can also be contacted via this form…


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