gifting the earthkeepers rites

To connect with these energies, we may visit a particular place and talk about these connections. We also do the guided journey that assists us connect to these energies. Here is the journey for the earthkeepers rites. I’m guessing it’s someone from the Four Winds who wrote this, but will try find out who.

Earthkeepers Journey.

Settle into a comfortable position, breathing deeply, allow yourself to be held by Mother Earth while you take this journey. I will lead you through the lineage keeper vibrations to Earthkeeper.

Allow yourself to be transported to one of the ancient alters, step into the vibration of the Daykeeper You, the keeper of alters. You, who call the Sun up in the morning and put it to bed at night. You, who mark the times of our lives.

You begin walking up the pathway to the mountains, gathering up the ancient myths and teaching stories, the beautiful stories, yours. You create stories to help lift people up – the way the mountains have lifted you.

Up to the top of the mountain, to the snowy peaks, you begin to leave even the teaching stories behind for the simplicity of simple expressions: PEACE,… LOVE,… JOY…

You stretch out your hands to the heavens and call upon the Earthkeepers of old, the enlightened ones who have lived at this vibration before. Call on them to come and work on your behalf.

As you sense them around you, deepening your knowing beyond words, you begin to rise up, up into the blue sky, up into the blackness of space. Leaving Mother Earth’s atmosphere, feeling her behind you as you journey towards the Sun. As you reach the Sun, you turn and gaze upon the beautiful blue-green planet, her features, the mountain ranges, the great oceans, the clouds and all living things. You open your heart wide, wide enough to fit the whole of the earth and all her creation inside you. And like every loving steward, you begin to dream the most beautiful dream for your planet….

As the waves of stewardship energy course through you, you feel a tremendous satisfaction and new compassionate power. Content with your new focus, you look at the Earth once more, and allow yourself to be drawn back to her. From the blackness of space, closer and closer. Entering the glow of her atmosphere, feeling the moisture of the clouds, ever closer to the firmness of land. As you touch down, you feel the impact of your intention, the impact of your love, dropping like dew from a leaf into a pond.

And you allow yourself to come back to this place and this time, to bring this vibration to your work today


Then we gift the rites. The movements of these rites are essentially the same as the daykeepers and wisdomkeepers, instead with the intention of connecting to the earthkeepers, and allowing the energy of the earthkeepers to flow through us into the chakras and energy field.


Recommended Reading Courageous Dreaming. by Alberto Villoldo.

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