background of the munay ki

(video – four winds society – munay ki)

the munay ki rites have evolved from the nine rites and initiations that have been passed down through the q’ero pampamesaoqs and altomesaoqs medicine people as protégés complete specific parts of their training around the ‘medicine wheel’, and this continues today in peru, and in the four winds society and four winds graduates classes in other parts of the world..

one day, alberto (villoldo- director of the four winds courses) asked a q’ero elder if these rites could be adapted so that everyone could have these rites without having to do the full medicine wheel training. from this conversation, the munay ki rites evolved….

….the munay ki rites are essentially the same as the traditional rites received in the medicine wheel, but with some small differences for some (for example, instead of using words in quechua, the rites are mostly given in silence and those who have not completed the medicine wheel training do not have mesas, so for the few rites that are given to the protégé’s mesa in the traditional rites, are given to the protégé themselves).      for example, in the traditional way, the healers rite, is given to the mesa with some quechua words and thumping of mesas, while in the munay ki rites, they are given to the protégé in silence using a single stone (with both rites using the energy transmission of these rites). both ways have much benefit in their own way – for the mesa carrier, their stones are also linked to the lineage of healers, useful in work using the mesa, and with the munay ki, it is given to the hands of the receiver….

i’ve received both the traditional rites in my medicine wheel training, and the munay ki training, and have been trained to gift both the traditional rites and the munay ki rites, and I respect them both.

the journey of the munay ki is also one of healing. someone described it as the less challenging way round the medicine wheel; others have called it the ‘path of fire’, due to its speed. the medicine wheel training can take as little as a couple of years, or as much as a lifetime, while the munay ki can take a matter of days or weeks.

these rites are assisting our evolving of consciousness too, assisting our abilities that we are evolving, from the ability to heal, to the ability to access the ‘divine’ directly, to step into our own, self-referencing power, and more. mohammed, buddha, jesus etc tell stories of individuals who received access to the ‘divine’, receiving ‘enlightenment’ gifts from spirit to human, and many of the enlightenment experiences of individuals I’ve met/read etc could be said to have been received spirit to human. These rites (that are said to have been first gifted spirit to human) enable us to give these gifts human to human, increasing our evolution (i guess we can call it our evolution – we can call it a ‘spiritual evolution’ at the very least). alberto believes that we are evolving into homo-luminous, and that these rites assist in this. i’m yet to see if we will evolve so much that we will be called ‘homo-luminous’, but an evolution of a consciousness kind does appear to be happening for many people, and only the future will tell how we will evolve (our species certainly appears to have evolved many times before!).

as we are evolving, many of us are finding how much we co-create our reality. I’ve experienced so much evidence of that too. Of course, we are co-creating – creating this shared reality together, so others co-creating can affect us, but it is only fairly recently that many of us have realised that we are co-creating this reality, and how much influence we can, and do have. these rites also assist us in consciously co-creating our reality, as well as helping us do this from self-referencing (so we put trust in ourselves to inform what we believe to be true), healed place. i wonder how many of us envisioning, being and working peace results in peace on an even wider scale than many of us have already.

i feel it’s wonderful that the q’ero have come and shared these rites, their techniques and wisdom with us. don jicaram (one of alberto’s main mentors), had a vision many years ago that many of us from the ‘western’ culture would come to this work. he also suggested that we gave our shared medicine wisdom, to them for safekeeping, as we explored a different path. and now they are able to give us our shared wisdom again.

and for those that would like to know what the word ‘munay’ means, here is an attempt to translate the quechuan word ‘munay’: the meaning of munay – i’m not sure where all the words are from, myself or my mentors, i found them in a  journal notebook of mine. (‘ki’ is basically ‘life energy’, ‘life force’ ‘chi’.

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