Opening Sacred Space

photo by meirion wynn roberts“I do not bestow grace on anyone. I just hold sacred space to allow that to occur”

(Quote: Don Jicaram (hatun laika – tutor of alberto villoldo). photo: meirion wynn roberts)

In sessions and training, I open and hold ‘sacred space’ for us to work in.

You may have sensed a similar kind of ‘sacred space’ before, for example, when entering an ancient chapel where people praying for generations have generated this sacred feeling in the building.

This is a focus space, in which we can do our work, safely.
To me, it is an inviting in, and aligning with universal archetypical energies around us and within us. Archetypical qualities represented so well by animals, for example, that can assist us in our own.

Various traditions these energies appear to us in different ways. Throughout all the learning and experience, I like the animals still. I like the way Don Jicaram in ‘Dance of the Four Winds’ describes these ‘power’ animals:

“these so called power animals are energies of nature, elemental spirits that we personify as animals. i like to think of them as a merging of you and a force in nature. a manifestation of an archetypical energy in time or space. primitive consciousness personifies them as animals, and they assume that form when we connect with them. that is a good theory at least”.

And we call in specific ones. The serpent representing the ability to shed the past, the way the serpent sheds their skin. The jaguar to track and see what is beneficial to see. The hummingbird – the ability to follow our bliss and find the nectar. I bring in too the dragon – our ability to see our world from the mythic.  The eagle the ability to make shifts with ease and grace as the eagle does. Then also the earth and elements, the sky and the stars, and source energies ourselves – so we are surrounded and held by these sacred energies. Helping us be able to journey deeply within, safely and with the qualities of these.

The sacred space we work with, I have heard described as the feeling of protection, of being held safely, of feeling like a place of infinite possibilities – like a magical place where anything is possible, a place where synchronicities are more keenly felt/experienced. In this sacred space, it can be easier to be with the present moment, to feel the close connection to the sacred, to be able to hear, and be guided by the ‘sacred’ (whether we may feel that to be our ‘inner selves’ ‘higher selves’/the divine/guides/source/our archetypes/our intuition).

There is a framework of words and there is a flow of words, coming from heart, so there are many examples of words.

Opening sacred space in this video is  q’ero Don Francisco : 

Some examples of words are here:
Examples of opening sacred space words 

When opening sacred space we usually turn to each direction and call and greet it after each direction’s call. Some people hold their hand open to each direction, some shake rattles, some drum to the directions (the south, the west, the north, the east, the earth, sun-moon-stars) some play panpipes or similar. we can find the way that feels right for us with what we have,  with the focus and intention when opening sacred space being central to this process.

Most of us tend to say ‘ho’ or ‘hey’ after each direction – a welcome and I resonate with you.

Then after a session, workshop, training or simply when we feel, we tend to thank sacred space.




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