Ancestor Work

ancestorsin the west of the training, we work to release ancestric ties…

…these include patterns that have been passed down generations…
repeating themselves through the family line

these ties may be well meaning,
..but they are also limiting…
and can sometimes have the opposite effect of the ancestors meaning…
…as they can often attract the very thing that the ancestor would want to try to interfere so much so to avoid this thing happening to future generations….

it is similar to how a parent can be over a child,
…directing them to live a certain way, attracting certain things into their lives..
so that they don’t make the same mistakes as they did….
…so they don’t have to learn the same harsh lessons as they did
except that this can span (well meaning) generations….

however, if we take time to listen, hear their story, hear what gifts they would actually like future generations to have, if they could give us any gift, and if we choose to accept them, then they can give us their wishes and release their hold on us… freeing us to be ourselves and live our own lives….and freeing them to live their own lives in the ‘place of the ancestors’ or beyond more fully.

this can be done at other times too, as well as in the west training. there is a specific way we learn it through training/workshop….and it is valuable to learn this through the training first, and be held by another while doing so in training/workshop/session, but here is a way to do so working with yourself, especially after the workshop/training (and held in sacred space).

beginning with opening sacred space….

opening the virracocha over self, and over the space in front of you.
(opening up the virracocha is basically dipping into the 8th chakra about a foot above your head, and opening up the energy field around yourself…and then you can also open it over someone else you are working with, holding them in a sacred space and over a space in front of you to invite in someone to work with)

then you can ask for an ancestor to come in to this space in front of you…it can be a specific ancestor, or , like i often do these days, requesting an ancestor coming in that is particularly affecting me/has something to say to me/is to do with an issue i’m working with…

then, if feel that one comes in, we can dialogue with this ancestor…
..this can be done in a few ways, whichever feels comfortable for you.
~you might just get an awareness of this ancestor and be able to talk and perceive the ancestor reply in some way. this may sound strange at first to some and is probably easier with the full training which can assist awareness in this way, but even at my first workshop with alberto villoldo when i was so new to this work, i still picked up this awareness and answers in this way (to my surprise 😉 ).
~another way is to use ‘automatic writing’, where we write the questions we wish to ask, and then let our unconscious write the answers….letting the pen do the writing, and see what comes.
~also, if working in pairs, similar to the training, rather than a space in front f you, you can put down a piece of paper say, to represent the ancestor…and there can be one person that asks the questions, while another person steps on the piece of paper, and steps into the ancestor, putting themselves to the side for a bit, and allowing that embodiment…allowing the words of the ancestor to respond through them. again, sounds strange and probably best done in sacred space and held by someone trained in this, but still….its quite amazing to experience…. you can follow your heart on this.
~you could also try closing your eyes, allow yourself to journey in your mind to a garden, and invite in and dialogue with an ancestor there.

so, the kinds of questions that you’d be looking to ask are:

..who are you?
what is your story?
..what did you learn from this?
what is your gift that you would like to give to future generations such as myself/your relative here…

.and again, you can follow your heart and intuition with this dialogue…to find the true gift here…

..and then if you choose you/the person working with this, can choose whether to accept this gift… you can do so with agreement…and or by ‘image-ining’ it and bringing it in to self.

..and then you can choose to release this ancestor and the ancestor choose to release….allowing the ancestor to transition to the ‘place of the ancestors’ and beyond…. so while they are free… likely able to move in this world if they really choose to and others…they are not bound to you….freeing them…and freeing you…

..being able to give that gift, have their voice heard, feel that their lesson of their lives has been shared i find tends to be enough for them to be able to release this….
.and often, when an ancestric tie has been particularly strong, i have physically tangibly felt this letting go and freedom falling into place…which was a bit of an eye opener for me to say the least… can also then receive an illumination to clear energy surrounding this, and clear the affinity that attracted you experiencing that situation in the first place…. if working on own, you can blow into a stone to with the intention to do this and/or give this energy and clearing to earth. can then honour the gifts in some way, if you choose…and honour the ancestor perhaps too… maybe by creating a space in your garden where you can connect with the ancestors and appreciate the gifts, maybe a fire to give thanks, or a haywarikuy like the ancestor haywarikuy…. see how you feel… (you can also do this without the main exercise too for honouring the ancestors and their gifts)


any questions on this feel free to contact me…and to come to me for face to face online or in person work with this.


another way to honour the gifts that we are aware of and release ancestors is with this haywarikuy here: ancestor haywarikuy

pob lwc ~ good luck ~ and enjoy 🙂