water ceremony

based on the traditional fire ceremony, this ceremony works with water to release what we choose to release and set intention of that which we wish to bring in….
this can be done any time, or at particular times like new moon or full moon. it can be done individually or as a group coming one by one to the water.

natural materials.
being in a place with water. e.g. sea, river, lake


this ceremony is simply a case of going to the waters edge, feeling the connection with the earth and the water.

it is beautiful to do this silently, listening to the waves and nature, and can also be done with chosen song,:)

with either a piece of seaweed or shell, stick or similar, blowing into it what you wish to release…. any challenges, issues, and energies that do not belong….setting intention for releasing this…
then when ready, throw it to the water.

then, if you choose, you can take another piece of seaweed/shell, and blow into it what you wish to bring in, what you wish to co-create…. envisioning the image of this,and blowing that in (or can be spoken too), informing the seaweed/shell and through that…the water…and through that the universe…and ourselves of our intent.

then, when ready, letting go of that too, throwing it into the water. setting intention but letting go of the outcome…allowing the potential something even more beautiful and beneficial to come in its place.

if you choose you can do this releasing and setting intention twice, once for yourself, your personal life, and another for your part of what is happening in the wider world, for release and setting intention.

then, if choose to do so, can dip fingers in the water, and sprinkle the water on energy centres and around the energy field, allowing cleansing with the water, and feeling connection to the water.
(if you have the bands of power, can also ‘feed’ the water band….by sprinkling water in the band area, as well as simply feeling that connection to water and breathing in and out with that water band; if you have a mesa, can sprinkle this with the water)

when everyone participating that chooses to has done this, again, similar to the tradition fire ceremony, we can take a moment, to invite energies connected with the land to come in to the ceremony to come to the waters edge to participate in their way.

a ‘pacha stick’, like in a fire ceremony can also be worked with. a pacha stick is basically a stick that has been put together with flowers and other objects to decorate it. in this ceremony (and others really), other natural materials can be worked with in a similar way, for example a weaving of seaweed and shells or plant leaves. with this can envision our healed future of the world as a whole. blowing this one by one into the stick, connecting the pacha stick with the earth, and then, when everyone that chooses to do has done so, giving it together to the water….allowing that to flow.

this ceremony can of course, begin and complete with opening sacred space. lovely to invite in and give thanks for this sacred space. if many people are around then you may wish to do this silently and subtly, or you may wish to do it out loud, however you feel 🙂


2 thoughts on “water ceremony

  1. Beautiful ceremony Katie,

    Im writing a baby blessing ceremony atm for myself as part of my course, Im using ho’oponopono ritual in it, really enjoying that energy lately its about getting back to source, I did wonder if you were doing any workshops yourself this year here in Wrexham, also if you still want hand with decoratin or anything let me know,


    Michelle xx


    • Thank you 🙂 That ho’oponopono sounds interesting 🙂 would love to learn more about that :). I will be doing ceremony most full moon celebrations and other timely celebrations like Imbolc, which may include mini workshops. Would be lovely to have some of your contributions too.
      And working out a venue and times to do the ‘south’ training in Wrecsam soon 🙂 (plus if you or you know anyone willing to organise workshops etc, i’m happy just to turn up and offer them gift economy 🙂
      Would love your assistance with decorating 🙂 and/or with learning more cymraeg 🙂

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